Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Big birthday weekend!

It's official, Parker is TWO!!  We celebrated his birthday all weekend long at the ranch with our families!  We are so blessed to have families that jump at the chance to be together and have fun with each other.  Mom and dad drove up for the occasion and as usual, we had a ball, especially since we were celebrating Parker!

Sweet Parker,
Mommy and daddy cannot believe you are already two years old!  One week before your second birthday, you looked at me and said "mama" for the very first time!  We were in Sam's doing some shopping and I think I melted right there in the aisle!  :)  Now you say it all the time and it's music to my ears.  I love that you can be in another room and you call for me, love it!!
You are so very independent and your vocabulary is all of the sudden taking off!  We can understand your words a little better, it's not a foreign language for the most part.  
Some of your words are:
Dada, Mama, eesie (Neesie), gdad (grandad), Nana, cheese, chin (chicken), gaga (pasta), ball, Geeus (Jesus), wa (water), tick (stick).
You have a passion for playing ball...basketball, t-ball and golf.  It is so much fun to watch you develop these skills more and more.  You still just lay down in bed and go to sleep at night, you still take a 21/2 hour nap in the afternoon and you are a good eater.  Your favorite foods are: chicken nuggets, pasta, grapes, turkey and cheese sandwiches, edamame and broccoli.  You adore being outside at all times...just like your mommy!  We love you so much and look forward to seeing what God has in store for you as you keep growing up!

Now for some pics from the weekend...

 Our big two year old!

 "Driving" mommy in the mule.

 We started the day off with a big birthday breakfast!

 Uncle Luke and a tired birthday boy.  He took a 21/2 hour nap starting at 10:30 that morning.  He had so much fun the night before with everyone!

 Open wide!!  He escaped the kiddie table to let Nana feed him!

 Back to the kiddie table.

 Parker loves the driver's seat!

 James grilling the chicken we were having for lunch.

 Katherine and Adelynn hitching a ride with Geefather!

 Blake became quite the tractor driver!  (so did Meredith!)

 It was so HOT on Sunday afternoon...the girls found the shade and just relaxed!
We did hit the pool quite a bit but I don't have any pics from that, so sad!

 Katherine just loves Waco.

 I talked Blake into smiling for the camera!  

 Parker enjoyed watching me assemble his dump truck cake.

 Handsome little boys just dying to get their hands in that cake!

A mouth full of lunch!  :)

Singing and blowing out the candle!

 Cake time!

 Parker loved his Lego set Aunt Sissy sent him!

 My grandad (Dede) got Parker his very first glove, Ruben showed Parker how to put it on.

 And here Ruben is mowing on Monday morning.  Goggles, check. Pink shorts, check. Rubber boots, check. Lobster shirt, check.  This is one serious mower!  ;)  We love Ruben!!

 And since all the guys were mowing, Parker busted out his new mower from Mema and Papa and helped out!
Riding with Geefather on the BIG mower.  (this is how most mowers dress by the way...work shirt, khaki work pants and a hat)!  :)  

 Saying bye to Neesie.

 One last picture before they drove off.  Thanks for driving up mom and dad, we had so much fun!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Tonka Truck party!

I can't believe I'm blogging about Parker's 2nd birthday party, it doesn't seem like it's been a year!  Time goes by too fast!
He doesn't turn two until the 29th, but since we'll be at the ranch over Memorial Day weekend, we had his little friend party today.  Don't worry, I'll do another party for the family out there!  :)
You can tell from the pics that it was a total success!  Fun was had by all!!  We are blessed to have such wonderful friends!  Happy early birthday sweet Parker, we love you so much!  Get ready for picture overload!

 My big two year old!

 The food table
You can't tell from the pic, but the pb&j sandwiches are in the shape of dump trucks thanks to a cookie cutter I ordered online!
The mommies had "creamy chicken salad" sandwiches from Cooking light...SO delicious!

 The "dump cake"!
This was SO delicious and EASY!!!
I got the recipe here.

 We did another picnic -style party in the backyard, it always works out perfectly and thank you Lord for nice weather!!

 Maddie and Molly on the slide.

 The bounce house was a hit as well!

 Heidi and Jess are the two in the middle and will have new babies in July!

The kids had fun eating together at the tables!

Parker's two little buddies, True and Jack! By the way, True wears his hard hat all the time, love it!!

 Here we are singing "happy birthday"!

 Meanwhile Jack was mowing the sidewalk!  :)
Cute boy!

 Once the cake was served, the chocolate faces began!!
Here are True and Parker digging in.

 Charlotte didn't get too messy!

 Chloe did!!  :)

I just love these sweet little chocolate mouths!  

 Opening presents.  Parker's friends were more excited over his presents than he was!

 Miss Molly

 And when your toddler starts doing this, you know the party is about over and it's NAP TIME!!
I think they all took a really good nap this afternoon!  :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The best day!

What a perfect Saturday!  Temps in the 90's, NO WIND, and it was finally time to plant our flower beds!!  We started the day early and stayed outside until evening...the best kind of day!!
 I LOVE planting flowers and James shares the same love of landscaping.  We had so much fun as a family being outside all day long working in the yard!  Thank you Lord for such wonderful weather!!

 Starting the day off fixing broken sprinkler heads!  I love my handy man!

 Parker was right there to help!

 Results of my handy work!  :)  Planting flowers is one of my favorite things to do!

 Having fun!

Parker loves his tricycle, but he rides it standing up!  He basically straddles it and walks it down the sidewalk!  :)