Friday, January 30, 2009

Weekend in Glorieta, NM

Last weekend we went with our Sunday school class to Glorieta for a marriage retreat.  On Saturday afternoon we had some free time so I decided that I wanted to go with the guys and snow shoe!  It was beautiful yet exhausting!  We had so much fun trekking through the snow and seeing God's beautiful creation.  Yes, the other girls were shopping in Santa Fe, but my 6 month prego self thought an adventure in the snow would be more fun! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Baby Bump

For all of you who have been asking for belly they are!  I  put the first one and the most recent one from this week so you can see more of a change!  I can definitely feel him kicking all the time now which is so fun!

12 weeks!

22 weeks!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just for fun...2008 in review!

January:  We buy a house in Amarillo!

March:  Our nephew Blake is born!

April:  Tripp and Georgina get married, James is a groomsman.

May:  James graduates from SMU Law School!!

June:  Baylor roomate reunion at the lake!

July:  Celebrating the 4th at the ranch!

August:  Trip to Tahiti and Bora Bora to celebrate Bar exam and law school
being over, I also turn 28!

September:  Labor day at the ranch AND we find out we're pregnant!

November:  James gets officially sworn in as an attorney!

December:  Christmas in Amarillo with the Austin fam!

Baby Austin is a BOY!!

On January 5th, James and I went for our very first sonogram.  Our little man is most active right after I eat, so I made sure to chow down on something before we went!  It worked!  He was so active on the screen which was the coolest thing to see!  He showed us his five little fingers, sucked his thumb and opened and closed his mouth. What a see all those tiny little body parts !
We had the technician turn off the screen as she looked at the gender parts and we had her write down what it is in an envelope.  Then that night over dinner James and I got to open it and have a special moment just the two of us!  We are thrilled about our boy!  Now let the name game begin! :)

New to blogging!

Well, this is my attempt to be up with technology and to help keep everyone updated with me and James and baby Austin!  I am new at this so I can only get better from here!  I plan to post more pics, even prego ones for those who don't get to see me often!