Wednesday, April 8, 2015

She's married!!

Last Friday, my beautiful little sister, Lindsey, married Braz Williams!  It was the most fun and special weekend!  I was so honored to be her matron of honor and get to stand by her side on the big day.  I love getting to see so many family and friends at the wedding and of the night away!  Congrats Lindsey and Braz, we are so happy for you!!
I wish I had taken more pictures, but boy, we were busy having fun!  Good thing there was a professional photographer there. ;)

Thursday morning some of the bridesmaids met up to get pedicures and manicures!
Mimosas for the win!!

Then we met at Celebrity Bakery for lunch.
The smallest flower girl got to come too!

After the rehearsal, the dinner was at this amazing steakhouse called Dakota's in Downtown Dallas.
The atmosphere was awesome...outdoor patio open to downtown.
Me and my sista!

Great center pieces!

Friday morning it was time to get all dolled up for the big ceremony that night!
We had two hotel rooms that in one and make-up in the other!
We had our make-up air brushed and fake eye lashes put on.  We were magazine ready! ;)

Me with the beautiful bride before she put her dress on.
Sweet moment as mom buttons up her dress.
Ta da!!
I literally melted into one sappy pile when this little stud came out of the bathroom.
I want to freeze him this way.
His eyes are swollen (virus) and his face has road rash (scooter accident).
I mean can you time these things any better??
Our little family ready to walk down the aisle!
My favorite pic of the entire day!
Sydney crashed the father/daughter dance!  It was adorable!
I'm framing this and keeping it for forever.
Mom and dad pulled off an absolutely perfect wedding, it was just fabulous!!
The venue was Ashton Gardens in Corinth, so, so pretty!

The next day we were all tired, right?  Yes, but don't worry...we drove down to Waco and visited Baylor!!  How could we not?  We were so close!
All of you BU people out there...this is Viteks, can I get an Amen??
McLane Stadium!
Look who we found at the baseball game!!
Bless her, she was exhausted and napped in daddy's arms!

Neesie and Grandad on Easter Sunday!
I can't think of a better way to end this special weekend but to celebrate our risen Savior!
Happy Easter!