Thursday, November 29, 2012

20 week sono! IT'S A...

GOTCHA!  Did you really think I cratered?  Well let me tell you, I almost did about a hundred times this week as today approached, but we held strong and are waiting for that big surprise on delivery day!!  It was funny, after the sono was over, James asked our sonographer if she knew the gender and she said no, because the baby was in a position to where she just couldn't tell!  :)
Anyway, our baby is just perfect so far, praise the LORD!  Everything measured just how it should and  we had a blast watching how active he/she was on the screen.  We even caught a big yawn!  The best was watching Parker get so into watching the baby.  He was so sweet and seriously talked the entire time about what he was seeing.  We are so very thankful for good news today!!

Sweet baby profile!

Parker sat on his very own stool and watched his sibling on the screen.  He kept telling me "good job, mom...lay real still"!  Such a little encourager!
After it was over, the sonographer, Kim, gave Parker two of his very own pictures of the baby to have.
He was so proud!
Asking questions

We went home to eat lunch and notice what is lying next to his plate...he wanted the 
baby pictures right next to him.

I was sitting at the computer and he came in and told me he was giving the baby a hug and he also insisted taking his nap with the pictures. He is already in love.
Melt. me.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I'm back!!  Thanks to Kaki for cluing me in on a great place to store all my blog photos for FREE!  If you haven't heard of photobucket...check it out!!
I am so thankful for the time we got to spend down in Dallas for Thanksgiving this year!  Parker and I spent the whole week there last week and James flew in to meet us on Tuesday.  We had fun from the moment we got there...of course there was lots of shopping involved (thank you mom for all the maternity clothes you bought for me!!!), lots of eating, playing outside, visiting old friends, date night and just being together.  So very thankful for the blessings the Lord has given us!

To help get us ready for Thanksgiving, Parker and I made this cute pumpkin turkey.  The little kit came from Hobby Lobby and we just poked the feathers and face into the pumpkin!

After the long drive to Dallas, it was time to get out and play!!

The weather was perfect all week, we even made a trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo!

Cute cousins!
These two have some major fun together!

They had the coolest bird place where you could buy a stick with bird seed on it and the birds would seriously come and land on it and eat!

Leah watching her bird eat.

Getting a little help from Uncle Ryan!

The big kids thought it was cool too!  :)

Aunt Lindsey and sweet Ty

Aunt Lindsey gives good piggy back rides!!

Family pics on Thanksgiving day!

Parker with his Aunt Lindsey


A big favorite of mine is going to the Galleria and seeing that huge tree in the middle of the ice rink!  Love it, love the shopping too! ;)

And what Thanksgiving weekend could end without a letter to Santa from a darling little 3 year old boy??

Sunday, November 25, 2012


OK fellow bloggers, I've run into a problem and I have no idea how to fix it!  I was trying to post about Thanksgiving and as I went to upload the pictures from my computer onto Blogger, I kept getting this message from Google saying my Picasa storage is full!  What?  I don't use Picasa but evidently when I upload pics onto blogger it automatically uploads to Picasa as well and now I'm at my free storage limit?  It's telling me to buy more storage space!?  I have no idea what's going on, anyone else have to buy more storage space for their pics on blogger?  I store all of our pictures on our computer and then just upload the ones I want to show up on the blog.  Is there a way to delete old Picasa albums to free up space?

Anyway, if there is anyone out there that can help, I'd greatly appreciate it!!

Thank you!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A rodeo and ranch weekend!

We've had a busy weekend!  Friday night we went to the rodeo with James's family and just like last year, Parker loved watching every second of it.  Then we were up bright and early Saturday morning to  take a bunch of friends out to the ranch so the guys could quail hunt. It was beautiful and warm which was perfect because we were able to let the kids just go!  We had Frito chili pie for lunch which just made it all the more "Fall feeling" out there!
As usual we were too busy having fun and I didn't take near as many pics as I wanted.  It was a fun day and we are blessed with such great friends!
All these pics are with my iPhone so please excuse the quality!

All ready to go to the rodeo!!

A little unsure at first, it was really loud in the arena.

Happy boy!

Parker clapped for the cowboys the whole time, he was so into it.

Still clapping

Nana treated all the kids to cotton candy.  Sweet boy has never had this stuff and he loved it!

Look what I got mom!

Intense moment, a cow got hurt.  It was sad, they even brought out the cow stretcher (a wooden sled on chains pulled by horses).  This is the point where I stopped enjoying the rodeo because I was so worried about the hurt mama cow.  :(

Saturday morning quail hunt at the ranch!
L to R Seth, Brandon, James, Brad, Luke, Shane and Cy with Shelly the hunting dog

These  boys rode all over the place in the John Deer tractor!
Jack, Parker and Blake

Heidi and Jack

Lindsay and Wyatt

Cute little boys wanting to ride the four wheelers

Shane taking sweet Lindsay on a ride because her hubby, Seth, took the little boys on one!

Lindsay with Wyatt and Adelynn

Two wonderful couple friends
Brad and Heidi and Leah and Cy

Monday, November 5, 2012

Baylor Homecoming 2012

On Friday, we left Amarillo bright and early and drove down to Waco for Baylor's homecoming and to say that it was a highlight of the year is an understatement!  I. love. Baylor.  It was like going back home.  Everywhere I looked I relived a memory!  Those four years spent there were such a huge blessing.  Not only did I meet the love of my life there, but God gave me lifelong friendships that all started on that campus.  It was the coolest thing taking Parker around and showing him everything from our old dorms to the bears in the bear pit. We didn't skimp out on anything, we did it all...walked all over campus, ate at favorite restaurants, Pigskin, bonfire, the parade, the game and yes, there was even a shopping trip to Spice!  :)  Baylor will always have a special place in my heart and I already can't WAIT to go back!!  If you didn't go to Baylor, then this post will mean nothing to you because it's me oohing and ahhing over my college days, if you make it to the end I will be impressed!  Ha!

 Still smiling 4 hours into our 7 hour car trip!

When we arrived, we checked into our hotel and immediately hit up the Baylor bookstore for all the BU gear we wanted to buy!

Then we walked over to the bear pit so P could see the bears!

When James was a student, he was in "Chamber" and they were the ones who took care of the bears, put on big events like Homecoming and so on.  He loved being on the "visitor" side of homecoming this time!  ;)

Looking inside the bear habitat.

Having fun!

We kept walking down memory lane and stopped at the dorms we lived in!
James was in Penland.

 Collins was my home away from home freshman year!

Love it!

This is the Student Union Building or "sub" as we called it.  They have completely remodeled the inside and it looks so much better!

As we were walking around, look what we ran into on display...the Heisman Trophy of all things!!  They had a huge display dedicated to RGIII and his accomplishments at BU!

 Beautiful Pat Neff

 This was my walk most days to the education pretty!

 Silly boy wouldn't put his hands down for the pic, by now I had taken way too many of him and he was just messing with me.

When James and I were dating, we'd get lunch in Collins and then walk over to this swing and eat.  We had many long conversations getting to know each other on this very swing!

Judge Baylor statue

Eating dinner at our favorite Mexican food place, Ninfas!

Then it was off to Pigskin and Parker did awesome!  We sat through the last 6 shows and he loved all the singing and dancing.

We ended our night at the pep rally and bonfire in the middle of campus.  I think this was the biggest bonfire I've ever seen at Baylor!  I think because of all the school spirit generated by RG III and the great football season, it's the biggest homecoming I remember seeing there!  They even had a big firework show (that never happened in my day!)

Watching the fire!

The next morning we went to the parade through the middle of campus and I met up with a dear friend Caroline!  We lived in Collins our freshman year, both pledged Tridelt and have been friends ever since.  I love this girl!!

James with two out of his four roomates his senior year. (Trevor and Brian)

These three are best friends!  
I love that James still has these incredible men in his life!  Even though they live miles apart, they are kindred spirits and can pick up right where they left off.
Brian, James and Tyler

Parker with Tyler's twin girls, Amelia and Caroline who was NOT happy!  :)

I'm not sure how much of the parade we saw because we kept running into such wonderful friends!
Me and Jenifer

Parker and I enjoying our Dr. Pepper floats after the parade.  He loved that they had green and gold sprinkles to put on top!  Brings back lots of "Dr. Pepper hour" memories!

 Christmas card attempt

After the parade was over, all the fraternities and sororities parked their floats on campus for everyone to get an up close look.  Parker loved seeing them all!

Look who was there...Leah and Ty!  These three had a fun little reunion.

The next three pics are for my roomies...Ash, Katie and Bek!
Does this not take you back?

I hope the girls living in 8B are making as many fun memories as we did!

The day didn't slow down!  After a quick lunch it was off to cheer the Bears onto a victory against Kansas!

During the game Parker asked to go back to the hotel and we weren't in the room 5 minutes until we saw this sweet face.
We ended our weekend with a fun dinner at George's and then we crashed!
Until next time Baylor...