Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Taos 2017

Two weeks ago we took a family ski trip for the first time!  Living in Amarillo has a few perks because it's just four hours to the mountains.  We drove to Taos, NM and geared up for the unexpected...would our kids like skiing or not??

Here we go...headed up the mountain!  This is Sydney showing us just how big that mountain looked to her!
They were excited about getting fitted for their skis.
Getting fitted.  
Now, let me insert a little something here...I had NO idea how much work it would take to get little ones all geared up to ski.  I mean by the time we got boots, gloves, helmets and skis on...I was literally sweating in my ski gear.  Oh and just when you get them all ready to go outside, the inevitable happens..."Mommy, I have to go potty".  Lord have mercy!! ;)
Ready to take on the mountain!
On the bunny slope...Sydney was wanting to melt down here but she held it together.
They had private lessons for two days and their instructor Scott was amazing!!  He had the patience of Job and was just wonderful with them.
Heck ya!!  This is me on the lift right after we dropped them off!
A whole day just the two of us by ourselves was a treat to say the least.  We haven't skied together in years!
We met them for lunch and refueled for round two that afternoon.
God's beauty!
We met up with them at the end of the day to see what they learned and I was so impressed!  Just look at those tiny skis!

Me and my boy on the lift!  Parker was awesome, he picked it up so quickly and had no fear going down the slopes.
Goofing around at lunch our second day.
This is the "zipper".  Sydney was so proud to show me how she could do it all by herself.

She was so brave and even wanted to do the lift to go up higher!
At the end of our last day the kids wanted to go tubing!  They had a blast even though it was dumping snow and frigid!
 Saying goodbye to Taos!

As we drove away we spotted a beautiful site in the sky!!
Overall it was a huge success and we can't wait to do it again next year!!