Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I love Thanksgiving!  I am so very thankful for the blessings the Lord has given to us.  I love getting together with family and giving thanks, eating a lot, playing games and just relaxing!  Since we rotate holidays, we spent Thanksgiving with the Austin family and had a great time! (Don't you worry, Parker and I got to go to Dallas for the beginning of Thanksgiving week)!!  We had so much fun but I didn't take one picture!  We'll be back for Christmas!

 Thanksgiving day

 Ruben, Olivia, Juliet and baby Benjamin 

 Friday morning at the ranch

We made several attempts to get a Christmas card pic but Parker wasn't interested in smiling.  It amazes me that a whole year has gone by and we did not get ONE good pic of our little family of three.  Either Parker's not looking or smiling, or it's a bad pic of me or James.  Ahhh!

 This child would swing all day if you let him!

 Walking over a cattle guard.

 Geefather and Parker
Our project Friday morning was to go around and fill the deer feeders one last time!

 Let me explain...No, Parker is not muslim (even though Jim nicknamed him Achmed)!  ;)  Being the awesome mother that I am, I forgot my child's jacket at home.  Luckily I packed a fleece but he didn't have a hood.  Ann took her scarf and wrapped it around his head!  I know, I know, I guess I won't be getting the "mother of the year" award!
Parker was less than thrilled with his scarf!

 Tripp and his dog Hank!

 Filler up!

 The guys

My poor, sweet baby!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A cowboy weekend!

Stay with me here, this is a big post, but I think you'll enjoy!
First of all, Jim and Ann took all of us to the rodeo Friday night!  It was the Working Ranch Rodeo and this was actually the championship, so we were seeing the best of the best.  Guess who was competing??  The Drummond Ranch!!  Yes, Pioneer Woman and her family have been in Amarillo all weekend for this rodeo and we had so much fun watching her team compete!

To top it all off, I got to MEET she and Ladd at a book signing Saturday morning!  It was such a special treat to get to talk to them both!  If you know me at all, you know how obsessed I am with her recipes, blog, cookbook, Food Network show and so on!  I was the FIRST one in line too!  My friend Tiffany and I got there two hours early and it paid off!  It's a day I won't forget!  :)  They are such a sweet family, so down to earth and easy to talk to!  I was so star struck that I can't remember a thing I said!  Ha!

 My little man decked out in his boots and jeans ready to go to his very first rodeo!

 Wearing Adelynn's cowboy hat!

 My two sweet boys!

 The introduction of the 23 ranches from different states that were competing.

 Ladd Drummond holding the Oklahoma flag!

 And here we go!  The first bucking bronco out of the shoot!

 Parker was in love, he couldn't take his eyes off!

 The calf roping event.  I kept telling myself, this doesn't hurt the animal, this does't hurt the animal.
(at least that's what WE think)

 Blake and Adelynn
The Budweiser Clydesdales were there!

Nana and Geefather with Katherine and Parker

 OK, this was hysterical!  This Border Collie is named Whiplash and he rounds up sheep with a monkey on his back!  This monkey held on for dear life!  We could NOT quit laughing at this!

 And there he is ladies...Marlboro Man!
If by now you have no idea who I am talking about, please do yourself a favor a visit Pioneer Woman's blog, you can read it here.

 In the dirt, holding onto a a cow while his team members milk it!  Yes, it's a competition to see how fast you can rope the cow and get milk into a bottle!

 Here we are!  Tiffany and I opened up the book signing line Saturday morning with our coffee in hand!  

 We made some sweet new friends while in line... me, Juanita, Tiffany, Selena and Tricia!
They made the two hours of waiting just fly by, I'm thankful for my new friends!

 I've never been first in line for anything but it sure was a good feeling since the line wrapped around the store!!

 Here she comes!
My heart was beating so fast at this point, I was wondering what in the world I was going to say!  I think I started off with "welcome to Amarillo!"  Not bad right?

 My big moment of talking with her.  Seriously, can't remember a thing I said!  I was so nervous, so ridiculous!  She's a person just like you and me, but I couldn't get the butterflies out of my stomach!

 Just shoot'n the breeze!

 Posing with Marlboro Man!
After I was finished getting my books signed, I waited off to the side for Tiffany and got to talk to MM for about 5 minutes.  We talked ranches, rodeo and kids!  Such a nice man (even hotter in person)!!  ;)

 Come back soon you two!  :)
Their cute kids were there too, but they were wondering the bookstore!  

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This post is nothing but randomness, but it's what we've been up to lately!  There is never a dull moment living with a 2 year old!  Ha!  :)

 This is the G rated version...Parker has been waking up with NO diaper on after nap time.  I will spare you all the details, but potty training is in our future, our very near future!

 Our fall afternoons have been gorgeous!  We met some friends at the park to feed the ducks one day.

 This would be "mean Mother Goose".  This goose ruled the pond and wasn't afraid to let you know it!  I purposely threw bread away from her because she was such a bossy little thing!  :)

 Sweet, precious boy!

 Parker and Charlotte sitting on a funky bench!

 Going down a big slide!

 Let me explain...this is Parker's monkey hat from Halloween that he did NOT want to wear the night of.  However, a couple of days later he wanted to wear it out the door to the gym...go figure!

 Time for a visit to Junior!

 "Brushing" Waco's teeth.
This dog is the most patient dog I've ever seen.  She let's him do anything to her!  I think she secretly likes it!  :)

 I shot into the sun but I couldn't resist this darling pic!  These two are inseparable in the backyard!

 Parker loves going to "Honic" aka: Sonic, after MDO on Tuesdays!

 First school pic from MDO!

 In front of Cavenders after getting some new boots!

Jim and Ann are taking us all to the rodeo Friday night and Parker had no boots to wear!  These are little John Deer camo boots...he LOVES them!!

 He looks so grown up wearing his boots.  I wish I could freeze him at this age!  :(