Monday, July 29, 2013

Roomie Ranch Reunion

Over 13 years ago, I was a sophomore at Baylor University looking for three new roomates to share my apartment with for my upcoming junior and senior years.  I had been praying for girls who loved the Lord first and foremost and who were fun and easy to be around.  Well...the Lord went above and beyond my request and blessed me with Ashley (Little Bits), Katie (Katie's Keepers) and Rebekah!  I love to look back and see how God's hand guided these girls into my life.  We had some major fun together in our little 8B apartment and managed to get an education as well!!  ;)  We were good little students!

This past weekend we had the girls and their families out to the ranch for a weekend of fun and fellowship!  I can't describe to you how full my heart feels after a weekend together.  The four of us would sit and watch our kids and husbands play together and just smile and remember back to our days at Baylor when we just dreamed of having kids and husbands of our own!  God is so good!!
Even though the miles between us are big, I can't imagine doing life without these girls!

Together at last!
Ashley, Katie me and Rebekah

Getting all of our kiddies together for a pic.

We did it!
Left to right oldest to youngest (Anna the oldest is holding Sydney the youngest)
Anna 6, Zach 5, Rachel 4, Parker 4, Colson 3, Lydia almost 2, Mitchell 18 months., Sydney 3 momths

Jason with Parker and Zach

Sweet Anna

Sydney Kate giving me a big smile!

"Look mom, a grasshopper!"


Rebekah brought cookies with everyone's name on them...including Baby was a cute way to announce their pregnancy!

These two love birds just returned from a 10 year anniversary trip...the honeymoon continued at the ranch!  ;)

Pool time!!

Zach and Parker on top of the "lilypad".  This thing is awesome!  They had one at Big Cedar on the lake so we got one for the ranch, it was a hit!

All perched on top!

Among all the chitter chatter of the kids, we found time to catch up!


Cute Colson

Rachel and Anna

Poolside beauties!

If only you could hear all of the laughing and squealing...a ton of fun was had by all!

Ben was in the water trying to knock them off!


Cutie pie

 My boy


Rebekah and Mitchell
It was so much fun to get to be around each other's kids.

Ashley and Sydney going on a mule ride

Saying our goodbyes! (nice pouting lip Ash)
Girls, I can't thank you enough for coming all the way out to the ranch.  We had SO much fun and we already look forward to doing it again!!  

Monday, July 22, 2013

A special visitor!!

This past weekend we were at the ranch and this time, we had a special visitor!  It's always special when my family comes up, but this time
Lindsey brought her boyfriend, Braz!  Nope, that's not a typo, his name really is Braz!  We loved him!!  It was a treat to have them all out there for the weekend and I think Parker has a new BFF!  He and Braz really hit it off!

Yes, my child is swimming in his underwear.  Why you ask?  Because I left his whole BAG in Amarillo!  Yep, I did that.  I have baby brain.  Luckily my in-laws were coming out later that evening and brought the bag, whew!!

Going down the slide!

Neesie getting her Sydney fix!  :)

Sweet smile!

Lindsey, Braz and Parker

Fishing at the creek Saturday morning

Mom keeping that baby in the shade!!

Two love birds!

Me and my baby girl.  My glasses look extra huge on top of my head, ha!

Aunt Lindsey and Parker

This kid loves making his sister happy!

Just hanging out

Moments in the hammock!

Pic taken by Parker!  

Little sun baby!

Fishing off the dock
Deep conversation with Aunt Lindsey in the boat.

It was a fun weekend and we sure enjoyed our fun visitors!!
Thank you for coming mom, dad, Braz and Lindsey!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

3 months!

Sweet Sydney Kate you are 3 months old and I just can't believe it!  You are such a doll, such an easy baby and a complete joy!  You don't look like a newborn anymore, you can hold your head up so much better and boy do you love your fists!  Just like your brother, you go to town just sucking away on them, too cute!  I love dressing you up, girls are SO much fun to dress!!  We love you more than you know, happy three months baby girl!

At 3 months Sydney...
*  is a very happy and easy baby
*  smiles a lot but can also stare you down like she is studying you
*  adores lying on her back and kicking her legs like crazy
*  smiles when Parker plays with her
*  goes to bed at 7:30 and wakes around 3 am to eat then sleeps until 7am
*  takes a short nap in the morning and about a 3 hour nap in the afternoon
*  is still a pro at nursing and taking a bottle when I pump and need to leave her with someone
*  loves bath time

I still can't believe we have a baby girl!  Sometimes I just stare at her and am amazed that she is ours!  We prayed for this child for a very long time, she is a blessing and we are overjoyed by her everyday!

3 month portraits