Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

We had a fun day on Friday dressing up and getting out and about and trick or treating.  Sydney was more into it this year and by that I mean a sucker made her happy while we walked around!  We chose to trick or treat in our future neighborhood and see all of our future neighbors which was fun.  The night ended with a trip to our favorite burger joint and carving a pumpkin (which wasn't done earlier in the week due to a nasty stomach virus that chose to make it's rounds in our family).  We made the most of the week and thankfully were all better to take part in the festivities!

Sydney's reaction to her costume.
Still crying
In the neighborhood and ready to go with my little owl and police officer.
We stopped by to see the cousins and Katherine's fantastic job of decorating their front porch.
My favorite costume of the night?  Adelynn!  She was a bottle of relish!  Her friends (who weren't there yet) were ketchup and mustard, hysterical!
Off we go!
Happy girl!
Our kids lasted two blocks of trick or treating and then Parker looked up and asked…"when can we be done?"  And at that, we left and ate dinner.

Back home…Parker was a great encourager as he looked on during the carving process.

Ta da!
Good job honey!!  
Pumpkin carving skills was not printed in the job requirement of becoming a father, but every year he produces the best looking pumpkins!