Monday, March 28, 2016

Disney Cruise 2016

Well, we have officially been back a week and it's about time I blog about this fabulous trip!!  Over Spring break, we went on our second Disney cruise with James's family and it was JUST as fun as the one we did last March!  Last year on my blog, I went into much more detail about the ship itself...if you're interested in seeing that post, look here.
Our stops this year were Tortola, St. Thomas and Castaway Cay in the Bahamas.  Disney knows what they are doing and it's fun for everyone, no matter what age you are!!  I'm going to let the pictures do the talking!!

Excited to get off the airplane in Orlando!

Our whole crew boarded Disney's "Fantasy" ship the next day!
This is one very excited bunch!
We were still in port and this girl found her happy place!  At the pool in front of the giant screen watching a Disney movie.
So I had visions of getting tons of pictures of Sydney with characters throughout the week.  First opportunity comes up after dinner and this is how she felt about meeting Goofy.  Her feelings never changed...about any character, princesses included.
The next day was a day at sea and here we are again...happy place.  Parker was either riding the AquaDuck water slide every hour of the day or at the arcade...not many pics of him during days at sea! ;)
All decked out for "formal night".

These two...14 months a part and inseparable!
So this night she was ALL about meeting Mickey Mouse!
Look who's missing from the picture.  We got up there...tears and more tears.  She just couldn't do it.
Eating dinner at Animator's Palate!
On Tuesday we were in Tortola.  We chartered a boat and island hopped all day was fantastic!!  Only our family was on the boat and we snorkeled the caves at Norman Island (parts of Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed there), went over to Cooper Island for lunch and ended the day at Virgin Gorda exploring the famous Baths.  It was the BEST day!

Love these people!
Two cool dudes! 
We have learned over the years of cruising that going off and doing your own excursions is the way to do it!  We don't like being herded around with everyone from the ship...we like our own schedule and our own peeps! ;)
These are his Darth Vader shades...he wore them everywhere!!
Ready to snorkel!
A cup, water and sand...all she needed to be happy on the beach while waiting for lunch!!
The boat ride words needed! ;)
A tired bunch in front of our ship!
On Wednesday we were up and off the boat early for a day in St. Thomas...another favorite island!
Megan's Bay early in the morning!
Sydney and daddy having fun in the sand!
Swimming with my girl and watching sea turtles!
We went into town for lunch and then found an awesome ice cream shop.
There is nothing better than eating pink ice cream with your cousins!
Thursday was a day at sea and we started it off by meeting Donald Duck!
Do you see her face?  She would scream all the way down and then go back and do it again and again and again.  I just sat at the bottom with a magazine! ;)
Our last day was Castaway Cay day...a whole day at the beach!
Pluto was there to greet us after breakfast!
SO bright!
Parker immediately created a sand castle masterpiece and was quite proud!
Digging a hole.
Exploring the hole.
Goodbye Bahamas!  The kids were SO tired in this picture!
We had a wonderful time!  If you're thinking about doing this vacation...I highly recommend it!!  You won't be disappointed! ;)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sunny CA!

Last week, James and I had the opportunity to travel out to California for a conference he attended.  When your hubby has business in sunny make sure you get to come along!  Neither of us have spent a lot of time out there so it was fun to be a tourist and enjoy being on the coast!!  I was on celebrity watch the whole time, I just knew we would run into a famous movie star, singer, night show host...SOMEONE!  Like if anyone was wearing a ball cap with big sunglasses, I just knew we were seeing someone famous...James thought I was just crazy and he kept reminding me that even "normal people" wear caps and sunglasses, whatever!
We didn't see anyone, only their names on the walk of stars!  Ha!  Pretty typical of the luck I have.  Anyway, we had a blast together and it's always fun to travel to a new place!

We arrived at our hotel Thursday night and found this view out from our balcony, hello LA!!
By the way, right below us in those big building are the stages for Paramount Studios.
Then it was off to dinner and to explore the city at night.
This is Rodeo Drive at night, so pretty all lit up!
LOTS of fun shopping!!
Here we are up and at 'em Saturday morning ready to take on LA!
There are no pics of Friday...James was in a meeting all day and I was in the spa! ;)

The Chinese Theater
In front of the theater are dozens of cement blocks with hand prints, foot prints and autographs of celebs.
This is where the Oscar's are held and where they film American Idol among many other things!  

In just a few weeks these stairs will be lined with red carpet and stunning celebrities!! So fun to see it up close and personal!

There ya go, the famous sign!

I took this for my kids...this is Walt Disney's star! ;)

We cruised around Beverly Hills and took in the sights.
A neighborhood in BH, we couldn't get over the palm trees lining the streets!
My favorite part of the day was driving down Highway 1 and going through Santa Monica and into Malibu!  Absolutely gorgeous!!

Hello Santa Monica!
I didn't get pics, but further down the beach there were surfers everywhere, just a different life than the one we have here in Texas!  
Until next time California!!  

Friday, January 15, 2016

2015 in review

God was good in 2015.  We had our challenges as well as blessings and we grew from each one.  For seven out of the twelve months, we lived with my in-laws.  Memories were made, we learned a lot and in the end...moved into our new home in July!

January was cold, cold and more cold.  Let's move on...not my favorite month, ha!

Valentine's day brought fun cards and treats in the mail and progress on our house.

Cabinets were in!!

We went on a Disney Cruise with our cousins and it was deemed the best vacay ever!!!
It was so good, we are doing it again over Spring break!
My beautiful sister got married in April.
It was a special weekend and an honor to be a part of!
And on April 18th, this little bit turned 2 years old.  We celebrated with a Minnie Mouse party!
Lots of progress on the master bath!
May brought LOTS of rain, Parker's 6th birthday AND baseball season!
He is a baseball loving' kiddo!  Good thing I'm a baseball loving' mama!
Oh yes, Sydney got a cast in May...can't forget that memory.
June was beautiful...sweet days of summer!
We also traveled up to Table Rock Lake for our annual Big Cedar trip in June.
I'm hoping this year we will not have a cast to contend with at the lake...gross and gross.
Parker won his junior golf camp tournament in June and it was a proud moment for sure.
Whew!  This is the month we never thought we'd make it to.  We moved and unpacked for days and days and then it was off to Nevis and St. Barths for our trip!  We could not have moved and unpacked without the help of sweet friends and my mom who came and kept the kids!!
10 days with this guy and no kids was something special!!
Before summer ended, we hopped down to Dallas for one last hurrah with family!
All too soon summer ends and the first days of school begin.
Baby girl holding her sign before day one of took about 2 months before she was ok with me leaving.  Love her so!
Sweet first grader.
I still miss him during the day!

September was fun because we drove down to Baylor for a football game!
We got our new puppy in the same weekend.
Flag football took front and center and we discovered that Parker excelled in this sport too!
We put our cowboy/cowgirl gear on and enjoy all the sights of the rodeo!

We also got our family portraits back this them.  
It's just my favorite picture of the month! ;)  Love that boy!