Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday fun!

On Saturday afternoon, Parker's friend, True, had his second birthday party. It is always so entertaining to watch little kids interact with one another, they are so funny! True had a "Toy Story" themed party and the cake was Buzz Lightyear, it was so cute! It made me excited to plan Parker's 2nd party in May! Here are a few pics from the fun afternoon...


Parker and True sharing Cheetos.

Parker is biting True's head...really? Instead of pushing or shoving him out of the way, he bites. Somebody help me!!!!

Playing nicely together. These boys loved the playhouse...they even took their Cheetos into the playhouse to eat. Who needs birthday cake when you have Cheetos?

This is the bounce house most of the kids enjoyed!
True's older sister, Emmy and her friend, were all decked out in princess dresses! The girls had on dresses and the boys had orange Cheeto fingers! :)

Anyone who knows the males in the Austin family will have a true appreciation for this picture. While all the other kids are off playing in the bounce house, Parker is over in the yard "mowing" by himself! He's obsessed with mowing, we have GOT to get this child a play mower so he can mow with daddy! :)

In fact, this is what he does anytime James mows outside...he is glued to the window to watch every move he makes with the mower!
I am keeping these pictures for when he's older and HATES mowing because HE is the one responsible for mowing our yard! :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


On Tuesday, Parker and I met our friends at the Discovery Center to see the dinosaur exhibit. Parker doesn't even own a play dinosaur and we've never even read dino books, so I was a little unsure of how he'd react. Well...let's just say that there were lots of tears and a death grip on mommy! I hope I didn't scar him for life over this! We are going to have to get some dino books and toys and try again next year! We still had fun with our friends! :)

These dinosaurs moved, roared and opened their mouths. They also followed you with their eyes! I must admit, I was a little scared too! It was freaky how their eyes watched you! :)

This is the one that sent Parker over the edge. He was loud and tall and brought on tears and fear!

Doing better. At this point we went back into the little kid play area. String cheese and a tambourine are good for the soul! :)

Parker and his friends Maddie and Brielle.

Inside the triangular mirror tunnel!

Sweet boy.

This is totally off subject...
We were in Target the other day (my favorite place to kill time and money) and I found this shirt! It's perfect for Parker because if you don't know, he bites. My child has been labeled a biter. He bites other kids in the nursery...we've drawn blood, we've left bruises and we've had an incident report filed on us! Parker bites so therefore this is his new shirt to wear! ;)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring time!

Ahh, Spring time, love it!! I love going to Dallas and experiencing this season because Amarillo is always about 4 weeks behind. Parker and I flew down there and spent all of last week having so much fun with my family! We had a ball shopping, going to the Arboretum, playing outside in the warm temps, visiting great-grandparents, and Lindsey and I even snuck in a "sister day"! I also got to see a precious college roomie, Ashley! Nothing like coffee and a lifelong friend! :)
Thanks mom and dad for a wonderful week! Here are some pics of what we were up to...

We started the week off with shopping trip #1 and he was all smiles...not for long! :) The boy likes to get out and run around the mall now!

My Papa got put in the hospital with heart problems and we went to visit. Parker definitely brought some cheer to his room!

Parker and Papa

He climbed up into his bed all by himself!

We shopped at South Lake Town Square one morning and Parker loved the fountain! It was all we could do to keep him from going swimming!

Neesie taught him how to throw coins in, he loved this!

Love this boy!

Parker loved this longhorn, he even mooed like a cow for it!

Aunt Sissy taught Parker how to shoot hoops on the driveway!

Love my sister!
It was a cool morning at the Arboretum but it quickly became a beautiful, warm day!

Parker and Leah rode in a wagon, it was so cute!

The flowers are always amazing, tulips are my all time favorite and there are thousands!!

Arboretum 2010

Arboretum 2011
He's grown so much!

Sweet cousins
They have SO much fun together!

So pretty!

I got him to slow down long enough for one pic with mommy! :)

Dad with his new grandson, Ty!

We stopped and let the kids run around this big grassy area, Parker wore us out. He ran the entire time and never slowed down!

Leah's not too sure about Parker's approach to eating that cracker!

Leah and Parker with Neesie and Grandad

The girls plus Ty!

We could not keep this child away from the water! He had to run up to every fountain we passed!

He was telling me all about the waterfall!

They loved watching the Coi fish.

More water, Parker would have gone swimming if we let him!

We ended our day at the Arboretum with a picnic! Here are two very patient toddlers waiting on their food!

Ryan, Carrie and Leah
Ty slept through the whole lunch!

Parker, mom, dad and Lindsey

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A favorite!

What a day! It is March 3rd and the high is almost 80 degrees today! I can't tell you how incredibly happy that makes me! In honor of warm weather, Parker and I did one of my favorite things in the world...have a picnic outside!
Just ask my husband, he had to endure more picnics than he could count on the campus of Baylor University while we were dating! There is just something about eating outside during the beautiful Spring weather!

Parker LOVED his picnic today! We had a special time in the backyard just eating and laughing. Thank you Lord for the warm weather and please help it to stay around! ;)

So fun!

The boy can eat blueberries until he's "blue in the face"!


Not sure why he likes to put food in his hair...trait of a toddler maybe??

I was looking down at my camera and when I looked up, he was seriously posing for me! What a little heartbreaker!!

And once lunch was over he wanted to "water" the non-existent flowers in the beds.
What a love he is!!