Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

My little pumpkin and I have had a fun day! It started off with Parker getting to be a pumpkin in the nursery at the gym, they had dress up day! Then James's law firm had a trick or treat time for the kids to come dressed up and go from office to office for candy. Parker of course couldn't have the candy, but I had fun picking out my favorite kinds! :) He sure charmed everyone with his big smile, it's like he knew he looked cute in his costume!
I know Saturday is technically Halloween, but we will be turning our porch light off and heading out to dinner with two other couple friends and their babies to avoid the door bell all night, is that bad?? Here are some pics from our day...

Cutest pumpkin I've ever seen! :)

Parker with his daddy at the office.

That pumpkin in the background is what James had all his candy in to hand's the same pumpkin he carried around as a kid!

5 months old

Oh Parker, how I wish I could slow time down! You are already five months old and it's truly hard to believe! What a little darling you are. You are growing so fast and oh how you have found your voice! At five months old you smile and laugh at us all the time and it's the highlight of our day! I love it when you get your "giggle box" turned on and laugh at just about anything mommy does. I've become quite the comedian lately! Sometimes I wonder how funny I must look because you laugh just by looking at me! :) You love your johnny jump up that hangs in the door frame, you watch mommy cook in that every evening. You love patty cake, ride a horsy and pretty much any song we sing together makes you smile.
You are STILL drooling like crazy and I do wonder when your first tooth will arrive. This is huge this FINALLY sleep through the night!!! I feed you at 8 and you go down at 8:30 and sleep until 7:00 the next morning, it's bliss Parker!
You are the BEST baby, still so laid back and easy going! I think one of the best new tricks you've learned is reaching for mommy and daddy. You reached your hands up to your daddy for the first time the other day and it melted me. So cute! We are enjoying every phase you go through and I'm loving that your still not mobile. I know once you start crawling life will change so much, so you stay put as long as you want!! Mommy and daddy love you so much and are so thankful God chose us to be your parents!

Friday, October 16, 2009

My little pumpkin!

So every year James and I venture out to find the most perfect pumpkins. I should say I look for the best ones, James would pretty much just pick a pumpkin and go with it. The pumpkin has to have a nice shape and a perfect stem, I am a stem person. I'll never forget at Baylor one year, I had picked a superb pumpkin, stem and all. James came over to my apartment one evening and I asked him to move my pumpkin to a different spot. He proceeded to pick it up by the stem and it broke off...tragic! From that point forward James learned the importance of the pumpkin stem and has never broken one since!
Sorry for the side story! This year, I have THE most perfect little pumpkin and that is Parker!
My mom found this darling pumpkin outfit for Parker, I just love it! I decided to have a little bit of fun with the camera and pumpkins we have sitting around our house!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Disney World!!

Last Wednesday we traveled to sunny Orlando, Florida and went to Disney World. I had never been so I was just as excited as all the kids were. We went with James's parents, Jim and Ann and James's brother and his family:Luke, and Meredith, Faith 8, Adelynn 7, Katherine 3, and Blake 19 months. We had a fabulous time meeting all the characters, riding rides, eating and walking until our feet felt like they were going to fall off! There was so much to do and see, we needed another week to do it all.
The heat/humidity index was 106 everyday we were there, so we sweated tons too. All I could think about were those poor people in those character costumes, I'm not sure how they were surviving under there. I was dripping with sweat in tank tops and shorts, I can't imagine a huge costume!!
Little Parker did great, I was so proud of him! Despite the heat, we still had a lot of fun!! Get ready for tons of pics... (please excuse the shiny faces and sweaty hair in these pics)! :)

Napping on the way! Parker did great on the airplane.

I loved staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge...this was right outside our room!

We arrived mid-afternoon and then headed off to Epcot for the rest of the day!

Adelynn and Parker

3D show at Epcot...nice glasses!

Entrance into Magic Kingdom park all decked out for Fall!

I was super excited in this pic because we were about to round the corner so I could see the castle for the first time!!

Family pic in front of the castle

Breakfast with the characters!
Faith and Adelynn found Eyor right away!

Parker had no idea what was going on.

James and Piglet

Me and Pooh
Cute little bug!

I love that castle, so magical!

James, Adelynn and Faith climbing the Swiss Family Robinson tree house

Story time with Snow White! We got to go down after the story was over and take pics with her!

Magic Kingdom lit up for the Halloween party! They closed the park that night and only guests with special tickets got to stay. We "trick or treated" around the park and then stayed for fabulous fireworks. All the villians from the movies did a big show on the stage out front!

Riding the monorail all the way around, anything to get out of the heat! :)

Inside the Grand Floridian favorite!;
Gift shop fun!

Riding in style!

View of Magic Kingdom

Sweaty baby!

Standing in front of "Canada" in Epcot.

Leaky diaper...gross!

My favorite part of Animal Kingdom was going on a safari and seeing all the African animals. It gave me the fever to go back to real Africa and go on safari! The ovals you see in the water are hippos!

Looking down the river at Asia and Mt. Everest which is a roller coaster.

Family pic in front of the tree of life in the Animal Kingdom.

The whole gang

This tree was awesome because the bark is made of all these hidden animals. We stood there forever playing "I spy".

Waiting in the lobby to go to the airport. :(