Monday, January 28, 2013


"Misty Mint" is the color I FINALLY decided to have the nursery painted and I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out!  I think it will look so good with the black and white bedding we have, all I will need to do is accent with lots of pink or blue!!
My awesome hubby spent the better part of Saturday and Sunday painting and he did such a great job!  I love watching this nursery come together and having Parker help us every step of the way, it's sweet!

We also had a 28 week sonogram on Friday, my doctor wanted us to get another one so she could get a good view of the spine...we couldn't see it last time because of the baby's position.  P once again, was in love with his little baby "sister" as he says, we all were in love!  In fact, at one point he even said..."that is amazing"!  It was hysterical!


The next task was to put the crib together and Parker was right there with his tools helping!

Little handy man
(the lighting is weird in this pic, the walls aren't turquoise, I promise)!!

Not sure what to think!  You could see his wheels turning, like "I remember this"!!

Sono on Friday with big brother watching

Sweet love giving us a thumbs up!

Just perfect.
We can't WAIT until April!! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

28 weeks and donuts

Hello THIRD trimester, it's nice to see you!!  I feel like this is a big milestone and I can't believe how fast it got here.  If I think all the way back to the beginning of this pregnancy and how scared I was about losing another one and how I had to take it day by does feel like I've been pregnant forever, ha!  Since the second trimester rolled around, things just took off and it hasn't slowed down!  :)

We are having fun getting ready for this baby!  Parker is convinced he is getting a baby sister, he is pretty consistent in saying that now.  Makes me wonder if he has some little instinct that we don't have!?
WARNING:  Most adorable story ever...
The other night James and I were putting Parker to bed and praying with him.  He prayed "Dear God, thank you for mommy, daddy, Waco, and for the baby in mommy's tummy and that we get to go to the "W store" and pick it up in April, Amen."  What??  The W store??  James and I quizzed him about what in the world that was with no help from him in return.  We put him down and went on about our evening (watching Downton Abbey, love it) and then it hit me out of no where!!  Parker has been with us to a sonogram and to an appt with Dr. Appel all of which take place in the Women's Healthcare Associates building which happens to have a giant "W" on the front of the building.  He thinks that since we see the baby on a screen there and that is where the doctor is, that the baby will be ready for us to "pick up" in April!!!  I wish you could have seen how hard we were laughing!  Don't you love the innocence and reasoning of a three year old?  It really is precious!

This would be the "W" that Parker is referring to.  The W store that we are going to go to in April to pick up this new little one.  Don't we wish it was that easy??

Just blooming right along!  :)

I'm not sure stripes and pregnant women go well together, oh well.  The top is super comfy and I was in a hurry to make it to Bible study on time!  :)

Bonus cuteness...Parker had "donuts for dad" at preschool on Tuesday!
He LOVED showing James his school and having his daddy in his classroom.

I could eat him up.
 Even more than I could eat that donut sitting in front of him!  ;)

*We have a sonogram tomorrow at the "W store" and Parker will be going with us again.  More sweet baby pics to come, stay tuned!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fire trucks and basketballs

I am a little late in posting this, but last Saturday Parker's little friend, Eli, turned two and he had a firetruck birthday party!  Since Uncle Ryan is a fireman, fire trucks and such have a special place in our hearts!  Lately since it's been so cold, we've been going over to Jane and Steve's house about twice a week so P can get his bb skills on.  They have a "pop-a-shot" in their garage and Parker works hard to get the highest score possible!  He is so much fun to watch...this preggo mama gets a lawn chair and just watches!  ;)

Parker with the birthday boy!

Sitting in the truck...he was the first one that was willing to climb on in!

The kids were watching the lights go off on the truck...notice Charlotte with her ears covered, she thought the sirens were about to happen.  :)

Love these girls!
These are my gym buddies...we have a lot of fun every morning!

Future basketball star in the making!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

26 weeks

Time for another update!  I am ending 26 weeks, going on to 27!  Still feeling great and not really having cravings.  I could eat fruit at just about any hour of the day, but that's about it.
Just went to the doctor on Thursday and had a great report.  At the end of it, Dr. Appel said, "see you in two weeks!".  Wait a minute!  Two weeks?  Am I really to that point?  It really is flying by!!  I think having a 3 year old to keep up with helps out with that a bit!  :)
I do feel like this pregnancy has "taken a back seat" so to speak.  I am so much more relaxed...meaning, I don't take the belly pics every week like I did with Parker and my nose isn't stuck in "What to Expect When You're Expecting".  It's just funny how you kind of take on the "been there done that" attitude with the second pregnancy.  Oh well, I'm sure one day I'll regret not having an every week belly shot, but I'm way too busy soaking up PRECIOUS moments and days of it just being me and Parker during the day.  I actually start tearing up when I think about having to split my time, or him feeling left out, and so on.  I know it will be an adjustment but we are so, so grateful for this little blessing that will be joining our lives before we know it!  God has the details and changes taken care of!

Here's the bump at 26 weeks!

I can still see my toes...not for long I'm sure!!  ;)

Nursery project has begun!  Step a huge spot on the wall so we can paint some samples and see what we like!  I've got shades of gray and light green going up...leaning toward the green.  Green and pink look good and so do green and blue!  Using the same black and white bedding my mom made for P.

Sweet boy painting.  We are trying to involve Parker as much as possible in this whole process so the transition won't be such a shock.  He knows this is going to be the baby's room and that the baby will sleep in his old crib.

Electricians came on Friday to hang a new ceiling fan.  Yes, the ceiling will be painted!  :)

More updates to come, stay tuned!  
**By the way mommies...I welcome any suggestions or advice on how you handled including your first child with a new baby.  Nursing sessions?  Outings?  Routine?  Rebellion?  I welcome any thoughts or advice! 

Friday, January 4, 2013

2012...A look back

This is one of my favorite posts that I do every year!  I do it for my own memory because I know one day I'll be old and can't remember a darn thing and I'll have my precious blog books to sit and walk down memory lane!  ;)
2012 overall was a trying year.  There were a lot of fun times and many blessings, but it was a hard year.  In fact, one year ago today, I took a positive pregnancy test only to miscarry at 10 weeks.  What followed were lots of tears and more months of trying only to be followed by another miscarriage in May.  I've always said that "hindsight is 20/20" and I think it's so true.
Now that 2012 is over and I can look back on it, my God was good and never, ever left my side.  Yes, there were dark days, lots and lots of tears, uncertainty and questions, but I never doubted HIM for a second.  He always provided a peace beyond understanding whether it was through my husband, family or friends emailing or calling with scripture and encouragement, I was always taken care of.  God is good all the time and as we stare down the tunnel of 2013, my prayer is that our eyes will continue to remain focused on the LORD and His perfect, perfect plan!  Happy New Year!!


Lots of cold weather this month kept us mostly indoors and getting creative with ways to let out energy!

Playing at the Discovery Center

Jumping his heart out on his trampoline he got for Christmas!


We gave potty training a valiant effort this month only to crash and burn...he just wasn't ready!

Showing off his new undies!

Potty training means lots of time spent at home.  When you get bored of your toys, get in the toy box, it's more fun!


A busy month but a favorite...Spring is in sight and our annual Spring Break trip to Dallas rolls around!

Fun times at the Arboretum!

We even got to visit Ryan's fire station while in town!

The awesome warm weather let us even enjoy the zoo!
At the end of March, we made a family trip to the ranch one warm weekend, just the three of us!


Parker finally got to get back on the golf course and we went to Dallas for Easter weekend.

This kid was excited to play golf again!

Easter Sunday

Dying Easter eggs with Leah and Ty at Neesie and Grandad's


Parker James turned 3 years old and we had two parties to celebrate!

A birthday donut for the birthday boy!

All his friends came over for a fun backyard swim party!

One excited boy to have the whole family at the ranch to celebrate his birthday!

A fun birthday lunch with family!

We started off the busy summer with a trip to Big Cedar and then mom, dad and Lindsey came up to the ranch to play!

The whole fam at Big Cedar!

Two cute little boat boys!

Parker played some great golf at the Branson Creek course.

Fun with Neesie and Grandad at the ranch!

Watch out!

Another fun summer month full of activity and travels!

We started off the month with a 4th of July parade with friends!

Followed by a fun cookout and swim party to watch fireworks.

Later, James and I celebrated 10 years of marriage on the heavenly island of Nevis.

And Parker was well taken care of that week by my parents and his cousins!


This was a big month!  We entertained friends at the ranch, I turned 32, we took Parker to his first Rangers game and we found out that we are pregnant!!!

Sweet friends at the ranch!
Leah, Julie, Tiffany and Amanda

Parker's first Ranger's game...he thought it was loud.

We are pregnant!!!!!!  Praise God for this long awaited blessing!


Parker started 2 day preschool, we took our annual trip to the Broadmoor and we had a fun visit by Neesie!

First day of 3 year old preschool at FBC.

Hiking through Garden of the Gods with his cousins.

Playing golf at the Broadmoor!

Neesie came and took good care of us one weekend while mommy felt bad and daddy was gone!


We finally got to announce our pregnancy this month and Parker had so much fun visiting all the pumpkin patches around town!  We were loving the Fall!

Shout it from the roof tops!  This big brother is so proud!!

Parker's class took a field trip to a pumpkin patch.

I love this pic...Parker and True having a BLAST on a hayride!

He loved wearing his Halloween shirt.


We went back to Baylor this month for our 10 year anniversary Homecoming and it was so special!  We also took P to the rodeo and celebrated Thanksgiving in Dallas.

Good to be back!

Reuniting with old friends! 

Fun at the rodeo!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


A full month celebrating Jesus's birthday!  


Parker loved visiting Bass Pro shop with Grandad while home for Christmas.

Merry Christmas 2012!