Friday, February 24, 2012

Jump high Parker get up off your feet!

That was a cheer that I remember from high school and now I yell it for Parker when he is on a trampoline, he loves it and chants it with me!  This morning we met a bunch of mommies and kids at Cheer Texas, this huge gymnastics/cheerleading gym here in town. Every Friday morning they have open gym for just $5 and the kids can jump on all the equipment until their heart's content!  Parker was flat out exhausted when we left resulting in an awesome nap time!!

 Jumping so high and having so much fun!

 Stacking the foam block

 Parker's cute little friend, Brielle, loved playing in the foam pit.  I couldn't get Parker in there to play, he was more interested in stacking or kicking them!

 Sweet boy!

This is him right before we left...worn out!  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My big boy

Parker is just getting so big!  I look at him and see a little boy, not a toddler anymore which is so sad to me.  They grow up fast!  I know I've said it before, but this child has a true passion for sports.  It really amazes me actually.  We don't push sports, I don't fill his toy box with only balls and golf  clubs, he just has a God-given love and talent for sports.  He hops from playing soccer, to baseball, to basketball, to golf, to tennis.  I look forward to seeing which one he really takes to!  Right now he carries his golf club with him everywhere.  It goes in the car with us, it goes inside Walmart, he would sleep with it if we let him.  It just doesn't seem right to let a child sleep with a golf club!  Ha!  ;)  He even wanted to take it inside MDO this morning and I sadly had to hide it so he wouldn't think about it!

 At the park (the gold club is present, just not in the pic!)

 Floating leaves down the stream.

 Eating snow...most of it had melted.

 Opening a special Valentine's day surprise from Neesie and Grandad!

A new book and a monkey!  He would NOT put the golf ball and club down to open the present!  :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Potty training weekend

Well, this past weekend was the big 3 day potty training boot camp.  It was a LONG weekend.  Long.  James was out of town on a ski trip, the temperature never got above freezing and I was inside following around a 2 year old with carpet cleaner.  Long weekend.  However, I am happy to report that it was for the most part, a huge success!!
Parker did not have one accident today and we were out of the house all morning long.  I dropped him off in the gym nursery, went to two workout classes (because I needed to blow off extra steam and all the brownies I ate, brownies kept me sane this weekend) and picked him up in the SAME clothes and undies!!  I could not have been more proud of him!  He went potty for his teacher and it totally helped that the other two girls in the nursery with him are also potty training.  He was so proud to show his little girl friends his Thomas the Train undies!  It was hysterical!
Anyway, we still have our hurdles to jump over.  He still won't tell me when he needs to go, I have to ask him.  He still has not gone #2, another thing that will take time.  All in all I am SO proud of Parker and so glad he is officially out of diapers!  Woohoo!

Here are some very random pics of our weekend, taken on my iPhone.

 Showing off his undies bright and early Saturday morning!

 Sunday morning before I even put him in his undies for the day (we do Pull Ups at night), we made waffles together.  It was a nice distraction for what was ahead!

 Amazing, healthy waffle recipe!  Has whole wheat flour, oats, cinnamon and very little sugar and oil!  It calls for buttermilk, I was fresh out, so I used plain yogurt.  It worked beautifully!  You can find the recipe here.  I spread almond butter and drizzled honey over mine, what a treat!

 Hanging out in the toy box.  

Playing ball in his boots.

One happy boy to be outside today!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Special visitors!

We had special visitors in our house this weekend!  My parents flew up to Amarillo on Friday afternoon and spent the weekend with us!  We had so much fun, in fact, I was too busy having fun to take any pictures which I am just sick about!  I don't know how I went a whole weekend without taking one picture, I'm so ashamed.  So instead of  pictures, I am going to recap the whole weekend for my own scrapbooking purposes!  :)

Our weekend was filled with...
- a trip to our favorite Mexican food restaurant, Leal's
- homemade dessert (key lime cheesecake crumble I found on Pinterest)
- Pioneer Woman blueberry muffins for breakfast
- LOTS of playing with Parker
- a trip to Hobby Lobby, James's office and other errands
- lunch at Chick-fil-A (Parker's favorite lunch spot)
- mother/daughter manicures and shopping
-  we had James's parents over Sat night to eat with us
- a trip to the Urgent Care center for a surprise ear infection
- more playing with Parker
- by the way, it was so cold.  I don't know what it is about the weekend mom and dad always come, it either snows or is frigid. 

Thanks mom and dad for coming, we had a wonderful time with you even if we were indoors for most of it!!  I leave you with some random pics of Parker I have recently taken with my phone!

 Our days have been so  pretty and somewhat warm!  Parker has picked up yet another!  This kid loves him some tennis!

 He's a man after my own heart, the boy loves chocolate yogurt!!

 A visit to Dr. Fletcher...he's been fighting upper respiratory stuff and now an ear infection.  He looks like he feels fine in this pic because he was hopping around the room and spinning the stool...go figure. 

Let me explain this good friend Tiffany has a love of cooking just like me.  I was discussing my menu for Saturday night with her and she suggested serving dinner on my fine china.  I looked at her and had to admit that my china has been in storage at my in-laws house since we got married (10 years ago this summer).  We've just never had room for it.  Well, our kitchen now is plenty big, it's just been out of sight, out of mind.  She demanded that I go and retrieve my precious china and serve dinner off of it.  So that 's just what I did!  It was like Christmas opening all of this beautiful china!  I love that it's in my house and I can use it whenever I want!!  ;)  In fact, to make up for 10 years, we may just eat off of it every night for the next several months!  Ha!  It made a beautiful presentation Saturday night for my family dinner!

The Menu:
Pioneer Woman's lasagna
Salad with sunflower seed dressing
French bread
Barefoot Contessa's baked chocolate pudding
(this is my ALL time favorite chocoholic dessert, it will make your face sweat it's so good!)

Next up...potty training!  Yes, it's time.  This weekend we have nothing going on, it's cold outside and I've decided we are going to give the 3 day method a shot!  I could use some prayers and advice is welcome!   My prayer is that I can post a picture of a sweet little boy in his big boy underwear on my next post!  Wish us luck!  Elmo underwear, here we come!!!