Thursday, April 29, 2010

11 months old!

Today little Parker, you are 11 months old! Just one more month until the big first birthday! Time has never gone by faster and you are growing up right before our eyes! To me and daddy, you no longer look like a little baby, and you are becoming so independent. I cannot tell you enough how much joy you bring to our lives everyday! You are the best sleep well, eat well, you wake up with a smile on your face every single morning and you just love life, we couldn't have asked for a bigger blessing!

This month you...
* are crawling so FAST, you are hard to keep up with and our eyes have to be on you at all times!
* you are loving big people food, I can just tear things up into smaller bites and you are pretty willing to try anything!
* you are sleeping 12 hours at night, straight through!!!
* you still just have two bottom teeth
* it is so much fun to watch you interact even more with your friends Jack and Blair
* you have little babbling conversations with yourself when you're playing
* pulling up on everything is your new hobby, no cruising yet
* bath time is a wet mess, you splash and splash until the bathroom and mommy are soaked!
* you have a high pitched squeal that you let out at random times, it's so cute!
* your favorite game is to play ball, you roll it across the room and then chase it as fast as you can.
* while mommy cooks, you have a favorite drawer you like to "rearrange" every evening, it keeps you busy while I cook! :)

Parker, we love you so much and can't wait to celebrate your very first birthday with you!!

Mommy and Daddy

Happy, happy boy!!

Getting better at smiling for the camera!!

Are you finished mom?

Obsessed with the water coming out of the faucet!
He loves to put his whole head under it...I think the pool this summer is going to be super fun!

We have to wear those blue ear plugs now because of his tubes.
I know, I know, some people say they don't use them on their kids in the bathtub, but since I apparently have a fish on my hands, we use them! :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Play date

My how our play dates have changed! Heidi, Brie and I rotate houses most weeks to get together so we can talk and our kids can play, and boy do they play these days! It's funny to think that we started out meeting at Starbucks with baby carriers in hand so we could sit and talk while our babies slept or just laid there. Now they are all crawling, pulling up, grabbing hair and anything else they can get their hands on. They are too cute and these girls are such a blessing!

Jack and Parker are not good at smiling for the camera yet! :)

Look what I can do mom!
Parker is very into crawling in and under things. (He's got Heidi's shoe in his hand, not sure where he was going with it!)

Sweet Blair, she's holds her own with these boys!

Squealing little monkey

Jack is wondering why I keep pointing a camera at his face!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Number Six!

Today, Parker got haircut number six! He is such a big boy in that barber chair, I mean I don't even have to pull out toys anymore! He just sits there like an old pro looking like this is no big thing anymore!
As a side note, Parker had a little ear tube surgery yesterday morning and he did great. The only hard part was when he woke up from anesthesia, he was super fussy, but nothing a little apple juice out of his sippy cup and a big long nap couldn't cure! When he woke up from his four hour nap, he was ready to roll! I got one picture of him on my iphone yesterday in his tiny hospital gown, but it's such bad quality, I'm not even going to post it!

By the way, if you read my blog often, you've noticed different backgrounds...I'm just playing around deciding on which ones I like! :)

Getting all wrapped up

Here we go!

Almost finished

Junior showing him the "buzzer".

SO handsome!!

Parker loves his barber, the feeling is mutual!

And now for a little random bath time fun...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Friends, fun, and the outdoors!

This weekend we had the most fun with our best friends Brad and Heidi Hickman and Shane and Brie Brooks. We all loaded up the cars with all three babies and headed out to the Hickman's ranch. We had a wonderful time being outdoors together, riding four wheelers, walking and just hanging out as couple friends. Our babies play so well together and it was fun to watch them interact. Of course the food was fabulous and the guys had just as much fun grilling!

Being a boy...putting dirt in his mouth! :)

Two boys and a lady
Parker, Blair and Jack

Cute mamas!
Heidi and Brie
Me and Brie

Brad before encountering the creek

Brad after the creek...the creek won!

Lunch out on the porch

Afternoon play/relaxation time

Love that boy!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


This year for Easter we were in Dallas with my family. It's hard to believe that last Easter we stayed home in Amarillo because I was too pregnant to travel! My how time flies! We had a great weekend seeing family, enjoying the pretty weather and of COURSE, more shopping! :) It was fun having James with us this time, we even had two date nights while we were there...thanks mom and dad!!
I didn't take near as many pics this trip home, we were having too much fun to pull the camera out!

We did Easter baskets with Ryan and Carrie on Friday evening since they were not going to be with us on Easter Sunday. Parker and Leah loved their baskets!

Playing with the ribbon

Silly boy!

Silly mommy
Parker got a bubble blower and I was trying it out! ;)

Easter morning