Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow day #2

We got another bonus day with daddy at home today!  When you get 19 inches of snow, it sets a city back a little bit and causes everyone to slow down!  Maybe this is just God's way of making us take a break and enjoy time together!  The snow plows were out in full force today so hopefully tomorrow we can venture out..I am ready to leave the house.  I'm the type that gets cabin fever very easily and though we have kept busy and made memories, it would be good if tomorrow were normal!

**Side note...I realize that in many of my pictures my child is pant-less when we are at home.  I don't know if this is part of being a 31/2 year old boy or what, but seriously, when we are home he does not want pants on.  I choose my battles and pants in the house is not one I fight, underwear is non-negotiable though!  ;)  Maybe when he turns 4 he will like pants again!?

Here is what we did today...

We started off with a slow morning by the fire, just relaxing!

Parker's favorite game is Hi-Ho Cheerio and we played multiple rounds of that.

Then the teacher side came out in me and we had "craft time".
Who knew stringing pasta onto a string could be so entertaining, he LOVED it!!

Showing off his finished macaroni necklace.

No snow day is complete without a fort!  This really is a regular occurrence at our house, Parker loves him a fort!

After lunch, we geared up in ski clothes and headed out to build a snowman!

Ta da!  We called him "Frosty".

We had so much fun just playing outside!

We ended the afternoon with a stroll through the neighborhood.
Sweet memories!

The blizzard of 2013 was fun but now it can be Spring!  Amen.

Monday, February 25, 2013

A bbblizzard!!

Well, I can officially say that I have never seen so much snow at my own house in all my life!  What a day!  It all started late Sunday night and by the time we woke up Monday morning, we had about 9 inches on the ground.  The wind blew 40-50+ mph all day and it just dumped and dumped snow.  We had a grand total of 19 inches in town which is such a blessing...we needed the moisture so much.
However, being cooped up inside ALL DAY with a very active 31/2 year old boy will put your creative skills to the test.  We did it all...crafts, movies, snow ice cream, forts, naps, books, cooking and the list goes on.  It was a fun day as a family and we get to do it all over again tomorrow because it takes a long time to move 19 inches of snow around and the roads are still bad.  The three of us loaded up in James's truck this evening to trek across town to borrow his dad's snow blower...we had to turn around, it was that bad.  Here is a glimpse of our day...

First thing we saw out the kitchen side patio this morning.

As the day went on, it just kept coming.  Waco had to get creative when going to the bathroom, she was quick on her feet and wouldn't let herself sink down!

I ventured out with the dog just to see for myself what it was like.

My snow boots
(just noticed an old ski tag, I have not been skiing this year, ha!)

Back inside...it was noon and we still had on our pjs!  No, my child did not have a brownie for lunch, it was his dessert after lunch!  :)

After nap we made snow ice cream with sprinkles!  
Eating sweets just makes a day inside that much sweeter!!

When the wind finally stopped howling, we went out to shovel snow.  I did not shovel snow, I was the photographer!

Parker climbing a snow drift.
There is a retaining wall under him, the snow came up over it.

Posing quick before we sank down deep!

No jumping today

My cute little snow bug!

Stay tuned...the sun will be out tomorrow with not much wind which means...big time snow man building!!!  Can't wait!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

32 weeks!

I realize I am technically posting this two days early, but when I actually had the camera out after church today and thought about taking pics, I jumped at the opportunity!  :)  Yes, here I am at 8 months pregnant and actually getting sad that I only have two months left.  I love being pregnant, pregnancy treats me well.  I feel good, I don't swell up and I love my thick hair! :)  It's really too bad we don't want like 5 kids or something because me and pregnancy just jive.  This is it for us!
Parker has continued to love on and show interest in this baby.  He regularly kisses, hugs and sings to my belly.  I melt every time.  The nursery is ready, we could have this baby tomorrow and be good to go...I'll post pics of it soon!!

8 months!!  

"Mommy, let me get a chair and hug the baby."

"Mommy, lift your shirt so I can give her a kiss"

Already the best big brother a sibling could ask for!

And this got left off my V-day post...me and my little Valentine!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My loves

My loves on Valentine's Day...

My two handsome boys before work and school today!

My newest little love!

And this became a new love this week.  :(
Because of it, I think I'm on the mend, praise the Lord!!  

Happy Valentine's Day!!  xoxoxo (the only kind of hugs and kisses I can give out today)

Monday, February 11, 2013

A fun weekend!

The weekend started off with Parker going with me to my doctor's appointment on Friday afternoon.  I always enjoy taking him because he loves to hear the baby's heartbeat and he is so well behaved while we are there, he just knows to mind his manners!  ;)  Then, that evening we drove out to the airport to pick up my parents!  We had so much fun going out to dinner, shopping for the nursery and just hanging out together.  Thanks mom and dad for coming, it's always a treat!

Hanging out in the waiting room together! 
By the way, he still calls my doctor's office the "W" store.
If you have no idea what I mean by this, read this post.

After we picked Neesie and Grandad up, we went to a favorite pizza place for dinner!

So happy!

Saturday night we had Jim and Ann over for dinner and I made these babies!  I found this recipe on Pinterest and they are to die for!  I love me some brisket tacos.  Here is the recipe..I only used the brisket part of the recipe and did it in my crockpot.  I did add two things to the crockpot that were not in the recipe...onions and a splash or two of liquid smoke.  Oh, and it calls for a "real" Dublin Dr. Pepper, I just used regular DP that you find at the store. These two additions made all the difference in the world!  To complete the meal, I made Pioneer Woman's salsa, fresh guacamole, pinto beans and of course chips!!  Eat up!  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sweet days

In the midst of slowly getting the nursery put together, I have been diligent in really soaking up the days of it just being Parker.  All we've known for almost 4 years is this sweet little guy and I am trying my hardest to freeze time, to keep him this age, to absorb every memory we make together because I know life is about to change...for the better!  Here are some things we've been up to:

We've had some cold days where we find our entertainment inside.

Sequencing the alphabet

We've had some awesome warm days where we can get out and play!
Here he is drawing a dinosaur.

He wrote his name all by himself!

Playing golf at the park in the melting snow.

Is there a better place to eat your popcorn than on top of a slide?

Love this boy!!
One of our favorites is swinging at the park.

Running errands with mom and reading the paper while we wait at the car wash.

My favorite moments of all...watching him love on this baby!!