Friday, September 19, 2014

Labor Day weekend

Labor day weekend is always a fun weekend at the ranch wrapping up summer with the family!  We try to pack it all into a long weekend before we "shut it down" for the summer.  The pool gets covered out there, deer feeders and blinds get ready for the upcoming season and believe it or not, the trees start changing here pretty quick!!  It's SO weird…it's hot up until Labor day and then miraculously, we cool down the next week and fall is here to stay!

Two little monkeys helping me pack for the ranch!

Sydney was all about playing around the pool, not so much in the pool!
She sure looked cute though.

The kids even swam in the lake.  
Blake and Parker taking a dip!

One night we all cooked hot dogs and s'mores in the creek bed.

Which translates into a sand party for the kids!

I was digging sand out of Sydney for days and days after this!  ;)

Parker making four wheeler noises and taking Juliet on a "ride"!

Just hanging out while the bacon was being cooked outside.

Two professional bacon taste testers right there!

Little miss I want to go fast!!

And somewhere in there…I had a birthday!   
My in-laws were sweet to throw me a birthday lunch after church on my big day!

Monday, September 15, 2014

First day of kindergarten

We are into our 4th week of kindergarten, so it might be a good time to post about the first day!  ;)  Leading up to the first day, Parker was so nervous.  He didn't want to talk about it or even think about it. Thankfully the school had a "burger bash" night where all the families could go up to the school, meet the teacher, and eat burgers.  It was a fun and casual night meant to calm some nerves.
Then Monday morning rolled around and he was all smiles when he woke up.  We had a special cinnamon roll breakfast, then he put on his new outfit, sported the new backpack and lunch box, took some obligatory first day pics in the back yard and off we went!

Once we got out of the car, that's when the tears started.  Parker was still good, but I was crying.  I was such a wreck that whole morning.  We walked him into his classroom, greeted his teacher and then gave good bye hugs.  More tears…from all of us.  James walked me to my car, ( I was wearing my sunglasses at this point to hide my ugly cry).  I got in the car and just sat there and cried.  James stood at my window and asked if I was going to be ok (because clearly I looked like I had lost it).  My saving grace was having my baby girl in the back seat…I still have a buddy at home with me.  We won't talk about the day I drop her off.  I will head straight to counseling after that. 

In the end, Parker had a wonderful first day!  In fact, when I picked him up at 1:00 that afternoon, he came running out of the school and announced that kindergarten was great and recess was the best!!  What else could you ask for?  Here are some pics to document this momentous event…

Meet the teacher night!

Mrs. Casey had a fun activity for us to do together.

Even Sydney had a great time!

All ready the night before.

Eating breakfast the morning of and reciting scripture.  
Jack, a sweet friend of Parker's, gave him a framed verse that he could claim on his first day of kindergarten.

Walking to the front door.
This day was special for James because this is the same school where he went to kindergarten!

Parker is so nervous in this pic bless his heart.

Excited to find his name at his spot.

Saying goodbye.

There are no pics of me at this point because I was a mess.  I hid behind my sunglasses and phone and took pics of everyone else.  
 I may or may not have showed up to spin class later that morning still sporting my sunglasses.  The good thing about that??  I was surrounded by other mommies who had just done the same thing or experienced it in the past, I was in good company! ;)