Thursday, October 23, 2014

Williamsburg, Virginia 2014

Last week, we took a trip to Virginia with James's parents, his brother and family and it was incredible! I've never been to VA before, so I was geared up to see what this part of the country had to offer.  It did not disappoint.  Luke, James's brother, spent two summers at the University of Virginia getting his masters degree in Accounting.  He and Meredith lived on a friend's gorgeous farm, so we got to walk down memory lane with them.  We spent some time at Monticello touring Thomas Jefferson's home and then it was off to Williamsburg to see what it was like in the colonial times during the Revolutionary War.  It really was like stepping back in time…such a fantastic history lesson!  Our last day we went to Jamestown, the first colony in America and then we saw Yorktown, where we defeated the British.  Of course I'll post too many pics, but there was a lot to see!!

Up early, dark early.  Our flight left Amarillo at 5:30 am.

Sydney couldn't understand why she was up this early…neither could we!!

We got to Dallas and it was still dark.  We rode the train around and around the airport and the kids loved it (even though they could only see lights).

The 3 hour plane ride to Richmond got a little interesting.  Toddlers don't like to sit long. :)

We finally made it and had a blast touring UVA!

Walking around campus while all the students were there just took me back…I LOVED COLLEGE!!!


We stayed the night at the Boar's Head Inn and were up bright and early the next day checking it out.

Anyone spot a boar?  The details were amazing!

In the car and off to tour Monticello!

This place was awesome!  Thomas Jefferson built this house and lived here as a grown man.  He wasn't here much as he served as Virginia's governor and eventually became the third president of the US.

That night we made it to Williamsburg and ate at a tavern.  You really do go back in time…no electricity and everyone was dressed in clothes from the times.

How do you entertain a toddler in a tavern from the 1600's?
Shadows!  Uncle Luke was her entertainment for the night!

The next morning we walked around and explored the GORGEOUS hotel and grounds.

The Williamsburg Inn

Getting' goofy with the ducks!
These two...

Sydney loves horses.  I mean, loves them.  She squeals when she sees one.  There were horses everywhere pulling carriages.

My man!  
Yes, our daughter is barefoot in 50 degree weather because she REFUSED to keep on socks or shoes.  I pick my battles.

There were gardens everywhere…back then there were no grocery stores.  :)

Give me a tent and my family and I'll live the rest of my days happily in God's beautiful creation here!

We came upon the gallows at the courthouse!

This pic is pretty appropriate!

Auntie M…our in-house photographer!!

A picnic in the rain!


A good idea of what the street looks like as you're walking down.  Little shops, taverns and homes everywhere.

And here comes the Colonial band with their fiddles!
The boys loved this!
Can you name this person?
We ran into characters like this everywhere!

Every afternoon they fired off cannons in a reenactment of the Revolutionary War.
Parker was ready.
Williamsburg became the capital of Virginia after they settled at Jamestown and decided to move the colony.  This was the governor's palace.  Thomas Jefferson lived here.

Katherine and Parker

Getting a little patriotic!

That night our Baylor Bears played TCU and I'm pretty sure we were the loudest room in the whole hotel!  Go Bears…we won!!

Sunday morning and ready to roll.

These boys...

Playing around at the governor's palace.

There was a maze in the "backyard".  AMazing…no pun intended!  ;)

Our last day we visited Jamestown which is right on the ocean.
We saw where the very first settlement of the 12 colonies was.  Remains of the original fort are still there.

A statue of Captain John Smith stands and overlooks the water.

Father/son conversations…so sweet.

Back at the hotel, we rode around the golf course after the guys finished playing.
So, so beautiful.

Sydney did great at dinner.  The high chairs they used were hand made in Williamsburg and just adorable.

And this about sums up how we all felt on the way back home!

If you ever have a chance to go to Williamsburg, I highly recommend it!  It's the best history lesson you'll ever have about our own country!!