Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

I like Halloween, not because of the candy or costumes, because after it's over the Thanksgiving and Christmas season officially kick into high gear, love it!! The weather was gorgeous today, so we spent all day just playing outside.  Tonight our wonderful church had their annual Fall Festival, so we took Parker to that and then called it a night.  I love walking in the door from something like that and smelling a pot roast that's been going all day, it was calling my name!
 I was just so happy that he actually wore his costume tonight because yesterday at preschool he refused to wear it for costume day.  The highlight of the night was watching Parker have so much fun with all of his little church friends!

 These two buddies played outside quite a bit today!
(don't you love how Waco always looks beyond thrilled, she's a good sport though, Parker even had her wearing goggles at one point today).

Thomas the Train excited to go to the Fall Festival!

Playing games!

Going down the huge blow up slide with his friends!

 Cutie pie!

Excited because he just threw his washer into the hole!

Me and my big 3 year old!
He had so much fun at the carnival.

And for those of you who love baby bump is the first one!  I am officially 4 months along now, woo hoo!  :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Yesterday I called my dr with some symptoms that weren't too concerning, but still needed to be checked out.  Well...we scored an extra sonogram out of the appointment and I was pumped because we got to see how much our sweet baby has grown!  The sonographer checked what she needed to check and then she said "let's have some fun"!  Loved it!
At 15 weeks we could count 10 toes, the hands didn't stay still long enough to count fingers, we saw 4 heart chambers, all four limbs, etc.  It's just a miracle!  I took pics of the pics with my iPhone so the quality is terrible (that's why we need a scanner), but maybe you can make out some images from what you see!!  Everything ended up being just fine by the way.

Baby Austin at 15 weeks!

 Precious little profile!

Profile, the two white lines are the jaw bones.

This baby is curled up like the letter C.  You can barely see the foot up over his/her head!  The white blob right above the head is a hand.  I love how you can see the whole spine!

Do you see a foot with all five toes?
Already in love!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Parker's new shirt!

 Time to shout it from the rooftops!

Do you see what this says??

We are SOOO excited!!

 One happy future big brother!
90% of the time he says he wants a baby "brover", but sometimes he'll say sister.  Who knows!

The little love at just 10 weeks!

Praise the Lord!  James and I are so excited to announce that we are adding baby Austin #2 to our family in April.  The official due date is April 16th (the day AFTER tax day according to James)!  Ha!
We are beside ourselves with excitement and gratefulness.  I am 14 weeks so officially in the 2nd trimester and feeling great now.  Yes, I was nauseous and slap me sideways tired, but all of that has subsided, thank goodness. Keep reading if you love pregnancy details, if not, stop here!  ;)

 We found out we were pregnant on August 7th, two weeks after our tropical get away to Nevis!  ;)  I lived on pins and needles through the first trimester because of two previous miscarriages, but God is good and He carried me through my doubt and worry.  His timing is also perfect and to me, April 16th, 2013 is the most perfect due date!!  Parker will be a month shy of 4 which means he'll be a huge helper.

In the first trimester, all of my favorite foods and I mean favorite, totally grossed me out.  I couldn't stand the thought or sight of any food that I used to eat on a normal basis.  Yogurt, blah. Wheat bread or pasta, gross. Vegetables, don't make me look at them. Fruit, couldn't eat it unless it came from a can filled with syrup!  Basically, anything healthy had me running for the hills.  Isn't it so WEIRD??  The more fat grams and the more processed it was the better, which if you know me, is TOTALLY opposite of how I choose to eat.  It's better now, but I still lean toward starchy things and anything with salt on it.  I will take food aversions over throwing my toes up 24/7 any day!!!  

I am still exercising and teaching spinning, but I've had to take it down a notch.  Because of my two miscarriages, I have also had to hang up my running shoes for the time being which is challenging for me, but very worth it.  I can do anything as far as exercise as long as it is non-impact.  I ran up until I was 7 months with Parker and I have felt worse than I did with him, so this is a much different pregnancy but grateful for every symptom!
And guess what?  We are NOT finding out what we are having!  I can hear you now..."are you crazy"??  Maybe, because both of us are such big planners but here is my reasoning.  We want two children and since this is it for us, why not have a little fun with it?  My mom made all of the bedding for Parker's nursery and it happens to all be black and white, so everything is already gender neutral.  We can accent with pink or do blue again and it will be done!  So yes, you have to wait until delivery day to know what it is and to me, that moment of surprise is worth waiting for!!

OK  Those are all the details for now!  I will update as we go along and maybe throw in a baby bump pic or two as soon as I have one to show.  Right now I just look bloated, like I've eaten too much Mexican food... which is actually quite possible! Ha!   ;)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Just because...

he is the cutest!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

More pumpkins and game night!

On Tuesday, Parker's little preschool class had a field trip to the pumpkin patch.  It was the cutest!  They got to run around, jump on the hay, listen to a story about pumpkins and then pick one out to take home!  He had a blast!  Then on Thursday, I had Pokeno night with the girls.  It is always a FUN time and the theme this month was "dress like your favorite music video".  It kind of went along with Halloween, so it was perfect.  I'm not saying that Britney Spear's "Hit Me Baby One More Time" is my favorite, but the outfit worked and I actually had everything in my closet!  Ha!  Let's just say her school girl skirt was way shorter than mine!  ;)

Parker and Jack arriving at the pumpkin patch!

Already picked one out!

Parker's class

So sweet!

Maybe this one looks better?

Love him

Posing with the girls

Parker got to ride back to the church in the van since there was room.  This was a big moment because he has never ridden in a van without me before.  It was hilarious to see that many three year olds in car seats drive off!  :)

Pokeno night!!  I had glasses but they were used in Amanda's wig!  Ha!

 Amanda just had a baby so she was doing good just to be there.  She didn't have a costume but a HUGE wig.  We used pieces of all our costumes to put in the hive!  :)

Fun times!
We had everyone from Lady Gaga, Britney, Michael and Beyonce!  I'd say the music industry was well represented!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pumpkin Farm

Amarillo has this awesome pumpkin farm a little outside of town called Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm.  Parker and I met some friends out there today and I can't think of a more perfect place to take a little boy!  There were tractors, bales of hay to climb on, corn mazes to run through, corn to play in, a mountain of dirt to climb, the list goes on.  Parker was in heaven and when we left, I drug one exhausted little boy into the car!  :)  
Parker's favorite was running and bouncing on this huge "air pillow" in the ground.  It was so big and the boys just ran all over it!

Going on a wagon train ride!

Riding through the corn maze!
Yes, you are getting this view point because I was riding with my friend Jennifer, in one of the wagons in the back of the train!  :)  The guy said a parent "must" accompany a child...we didn't know he was joking, so we climbed on in!  Laugh it up big boy, I'm sure we looked ridiculous!  ;)

Now this train CRACKED me up!!  It was the "cow train" and the kids held onto the longhorns as they rode!  

 There they go!

Doesn't this make you laugh??

The big mountain of dirt!  There were two tunnel slides built into this huge mound.  The kids carried burlap sacks up and then slid down on them!

Love that face!


Three sweet boys!
True, Parker and Harper

 Pumping water

 Playing in the corn pit!

Conquering the hay mountain!

Riding on the John Deer

Saying bye to the rabbits!
Happy Fall!!