Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dallas adventure

Oh heavens!!  We just got back from Dallas and boy was I ready to get down there!! It had been since Christmas people and THAT is a long time for this girl to not go to the big city to see her family and do all the big city things!!  On the 12th, Parker, Sydney and I boarded our plane and flew down there and spent a whole week while daddy stayed in Amarillo to work.  :(  It was SO good to see parents, grandparents, siblings, shop, swim, etc...
I didn't take a lot of pics, but you'll get the idea...

My little traveler at the airport ready to roll!

Sydney Kate's very first plane ride!!  She did awesome!

Uh oh!  Someone busted out the princess dress up box at Neesie's house, no comment!

We got to meet Lindsey's boyfriend, Braz!  We loved him!

Here I am introducing Sydney to a very important place in a girl's life...North Park Mall!!

Eating breakfast and catching up on the sports page one morning!

We got to swim at Aunt Lindsey's fun apartment pool!  We had it all to ourselves and bonus...the Southwest Airlines planes were flying right over that day, Parker was in awe!

We got caught in traffic heading back and I turned around and found him like this.  Swimming makes a boy tired!

Snuggles with Sis on the floor.

Friday night we ordered pizza and then went out for yogurt with Grandad while Neesie stayed with our little sleeping beauty!

Saturday we went to the Ranger game with Ryan, Carrie, Leah and Grandad!  This is right after we walked into the park...he couldn't even look at the camera, too much to take in!

Sitting on top of Ranger dug out!

Parker and I with Aunt Carrie and Uncle Ryan, Grandad and Leah!

Cotton candy!!

Shooting hoops with Dede!


Tuesday we went to NRH20 water park with Ryan and Leah!  Parker squealed like girl with delight the whole time!!

P is sitting on MY pink towel, my boy does not own a pink towel!  ;)

Me and my little fish!

Flying back home with two tired kids!
A big thanks to mom and dad for such a fun week!!  We enjoyed every minute of it!

The next morning we were up bright and early for Sydney's 2 month check up and shots.

Sweet baby girl right before the shots...she did not leave a happy girl.

So far summer is in full swing and we are living it up!!  Next stop...Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri!!  Lots of water skiing, golf and fun in the sun to come!  Stay tuned!  :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Parker's birthday party

I'm getting so behind on my blog that it's getting a little scary!  I refuse to get any further behind...I post these things for my own blog books and I don't want to leave anything out! 
 Where were we...Parker turned 4 on May 29th and that Friday, the 31st, we had his friend party at our church's family life center!  I needed easy this year and easy it was!  I showed up with a cupcake cake from Walmart, plates, napkins, balloons and juice boxes and we had a party!  :)  God is so good and has blessed Parker with a wonderful group of little friends, they are a delight!

Parker's Toy Story themed cake!
(this was ordered over the phone and it's nothing fancy but it had Buzz Lightyear and that evidently is all that mattered, ha!)


Blowing out the candle!

Time to eat cupcakes!  Cutie pie girl table!

Emmie and True enjoying the chocolate!

Cheese faces by Blake, Parker and Blair!

Wyatt and the "younger generation"!


How is it Parker James that you are 4 years old?  You are such a joy and continue to be a light in our lives!  Love you!!

Little sister got all dressed up for the party!  :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Parker's 4th birthday

Parker turned 4 on Wednesday, May 29th and we made the day very special!  We started off by going to the gym to play with friends, had a picnic lunch and swim with his buddy Jack and we ended the day with plans to play putt putt golf but the course was closed.  Luckily there was a driving range next door and Parker pointed us in the right direction, he was SO excited!  James had given his a cut down 7 iron for his birthday.  He kept saying..."I play with my REAL golf club".  The boy has a natural talent for golf and he is so much fun to watch!

The birthday boy at school on Tuesday.  Since he wasn't at school on his real birthday, I brought cupcakes for his little class.

So cute!!

I had fun watching these munchkins in action.  I'd love to be a fly on the wall and watch a day in their classroom!

Waking up (early) to a birthday donut on his big day!!


I've never seen anyone so excited about a frisbee!

Lunch and swim date with his buddy Jack!

Me and my buddy!

So proud of his new Texas Ranger floaties he got from Dede for his birthday!

At the driving range that night.

Learning from Daddy!

This boy can launch a golf ball.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend!

I LOVE Memorial Day weekend for many reasons!  First because it's always Parker's birthday weekend and it's tons of fun to celebrate at the ranch with family and second, because it's the unofficial start to the best time of the year...SUMMER!!!  I love me some hot weather, pools and all the fun summer dishes and drinks to go along with it!  Mom and dad drove up to the ranch to celebrate with the Austin fam.  Parker had a blast celebrating his 4th birthday!

Neesie and Sydney having a conversation!

Parker requested chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing with kind of boy!!

We ate outside and Ruben and James had a hard time lighting the candles.

The birthday boy!

Family pic

Parker with Juliet and those chocolate faces!!


Swimming with Juliet.  The big pool was having some chemical imbalance issues so it was best to swim in the little pools.

Silly boy with Neesie and Grandad

I'm a blessed these two boys!