Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Parker's 5th birthday!

Back on May 29th, our big boy turned 5 years old!  Parker had been so ready to turn 5, all of his friends are already 5 and he was tired of being 4.  So, when his big day came, we made it special and of course celebrated with a party!

The night before his big day!  He loved walking out of his room and having balloons fall on him!  It was a fun start to the day!

Next up were birthday donuts for breakfast!

We surprised him with his first set of junior golf clubs, he couldn't believe it!

So excited!

Birthday lunch at "Schwotsky's".

Little sis was all smiles!

The next day it was time to party with his friends.  Parker has been so blessed with such sweet friends from church and school…they had a blast swimming together!

Amy and Leah

Parker and Noah

Wyatt, Gracie, Morgan and Hattie

Sydney had her bestie there...Phoebe 

Once the party was over, these two weren't ready to quit, so the swimming continued for these sweet cousins.

We took just Parker out for pizza and golf that weekend.  He wanted it to be just the three of us…he ate up ALL the attention!

So proud of his new clubs

Sunday at church he was "new kid on the pew".  When you turn 5 at our church you get to start coming to the big service.

He did great and was so proud!! 
We love you Parker James, many more happy birthdays!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Catch up time!

I realize for any of you out there that still read this blog, that it has been a long time since I've posted.  The month of May got busy.  Very busy!  So here I am playing catch up!  I am going to start posting where I left off and I think that was Mother's Day…yikes!  ;)

Parker's preschool had a sweet little Mother's Day tea for all the moms.

Parker and his buddies.

After church on Mother's day with my babies!

The next week we had a end of year splash party for Parker's preschool class.  He had the sweetest little class this year.  We are sad to see them all go to different school for kinder next year.

Thankfully he goes to church with a bunch of them and those friendships will carry on!

Then we had some very special visitors come from Dallas to watch P play baseball!
Neesie and Grandad got to see him play two games that weekend!

We were blessed to be on such a wonderful team full of church friends!

3,2,1 Go Rangers!!
Parker and his best friend Wyatt on graduation day!

Car pool has been so much fun this year…a lot of laughter happens in that backseat!

Our preschool graduate!

Parker had the BEST teachers!  We loved Mrs. Tami and Mrs. Tonya!

Family time at the reception.

The last day of school was a swim party!!

And then the Lord decided to send our dry and weary land rain!!  One evening we got a huge thunderstorm and it had been SO long since we've had one that Parker pulled up and chair and a drink, opened the door and watched it!

More rain…we sat in the garage and watched it rain some more the next day!
Thank you Jesus for the rain!!

 Side note:  We've been in a drought for 4 years and have been praying so hard for rain.  We break ground on our new house, dig the hole for the basement and here came the rain!  God has a sense of humor sometimes!  ;)  We don't care how long it delays us…bring the rain Lord Jesus!!