Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Play date at the pool!

Today Parker and I went over to our friend Jessica Mitchell's house and went swimming with five other mommies and babies. We all had babies 4 months and under and it was fun to see them all together! I don't think the babies knew what was going on but the mommies sure did, we had a blast hanging around the pool and soaking up the sun! Of course I didn't take as many pics as I should have, we were just having too much fun! Here are a few...

Parker wasn't too sure about all of this at first!

Getting in the big shady baby float!

Total relaxation!

Parker and Slade napping and floating the afternoon away!

Parker and little Jack had enough pool time, we put them on the patio and let them nap until they got hungry of course! :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Parker is 2 months old!

Oh how the time flies sweet one! You have learned to do so much in your two short months of life! You become more and more of a joy to me and daddy everyday! This month you have learned to smile and you flash it every once in a while at us, especially when you're naked on the changing table. You are able to hold your head up much better on your own. You love tummy time and have gotten great at lifting your head a little off the ground. You are the MOST content baby!! You love to swing in your swing, ride on mommy in the Baby Bjorn and just chill out in our lap. We love you so much Parker and we look forward to all that you're going to learn in the months ahead!

Mommy and daddy

2 months old!

Hanging out with mommy

Tummy time

I caught that smile on camera! It's not easy you know! :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jack is here!

Are you ready for picture overload?? I've caught up with the blog!!

First of all...our sweet friends, Brad and Heidi Hickman, welcomed their son Jack on Saturday, July 11th. Parker and I have been waiting for little Jack to get here so we can have some major fun together! We got to go over and let the two babies meet each other yesterday. Neither knew what was going on, but it sure was fun for the mommies! These pics will go in their rehearsal dinner videos some day, I just know it.
Parker has six weeks on Jack but he looks like he is several months older. Jack was 6 lbs 14.5 oz and is SO tiny! We never knew Parker at the size, he was 8 lbs. 3 oz. He's my big boy who gets cuter everyday! Parker's hair is what makes him look so much older, cute little man!

Parker is thinking "who is that"??

Me with Jack and Heidi with Parker. Let the fun begin!!

Fun in the Big D!

Parker and I flew down to Dallas on Monday July 6th and came back this past Monday. We had a very fun and busy week getting to shop, see friends and family, and just be back in Dallas! Parker had a ton of "firsts" last week! I miss Dallas so much but I do NOT miss that oppressive heat! I do miss my North Park mall and the all time best dish in Dallas...the hickory burger at Houston's, it's divine! :) I loved staying with mom and dad all week and letting them just eat Parker up!

Arriving at Love Field. Yes, I was a nervous wreck flying with a 5 week old, but he did great! Only a huge blow out diaper that leaked in the airplane. :)

Parker meeting his cousin Leah for the first time.
Leah is Ryan (my brother) and Carrie's daughter and she's 6 months.
Leah loved Parker!

Aunt Carrie with Parker

So cute!

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Carrie

Meeting Dede for the first time (my grandad)

A big day...first trip to North Park mall AND lunch with Carroll and Anna!!

We spent one afternoon at Lindsey's new apartment swimming and meeting her new boyfriend Ty (from Tishamingo,OK) Anyone heard of it?? :) I don't even know if I spelled it right, but it sure is fun to say!

Ryan and Leah at the pool

Lindsey, Leah, Carrie and Parker


This is a special pic, Parker slept in my old crib at my parent's house all week!

Parker with Jimmy and Trish
Our wonderful former neighbors in Dallas, we miss you guys so much!!

Parker even got to experience a pedicure! Don't worry, his toes were NOT painted!

Mom and I spent a morning at Grapevine Mills mall shopping.
Me and Parker in front of the Rainforest Cafe.

Meeting Aunt Janna for the first time!

Uncle Ryan with Parker

Mom and Dad (Neesie and Grandad) had Ryan, Carrie and Leah over for dinner one night and they had a ball with both their grandkids!

Going to church for the first time!

Parker did so great in the nursery! They didn't believe me when I told them he is 6 weeks old! It's the hair! :)

4th of July

Sweet summer time, I love it!! We had a blast out at the ranch with the whole Austin family celebrating the 4th. More swimming, four wheelers, skeet shooting and even some cake decorating went on that weekend. I hate to say unfortunately when it comes to rain up here, but we had a big storm blow over the night of the 4th, so no fire works. No worries...there's always Labor Day weekend when we're all back out there to shoot them off ( if the boys can wait that long)!

Adelynn, Faith, Parker and I making our 4th of July cake!
(the girls found the picture and recipe in a magazine and asked me to make it with them, I was honored!)

Having fun!

Ta da! Finished product! It was delicious, it came from "Family Circle" if anyone wants to know! It had a very light texture and a nice lemon undertone. (I'm the foodie of the family!)

Parker meeting Ruben and Olivia for the first time!
(James's cousin and her husband)

My little man sporting red, white and blue for the 4th

My very gun shy dog lying at my feet in the mule while the guys shoot skeet...pathetic!
She IS a bird dog, I think! :)

Family pic...notice the little fan on the Baby Bjorn, it keeps Parker nice and cool!

Pool time!

Uncle Luke giving Parker a mohawk...yikes!