Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What do you do...

when it's 98 degrees outside in April?  Why you bust out your swimsuit and blow up pool of course!  We have had record breaking heat the past several days so we've had fun getting a head start on summer.  Some places in the panhandle have already hit 100! Of course this scares me that summer is going to be another HOT one without rain, yikes!  BUT I am not complaining, bring on the heat, I love it!

Parker's friend Rush invited us over to play in the pool.  These boys had SO much fun getting each other and everything wet!

 Earlier that morning we met our friends Jack, Clay and Seth at the park to feed ducks before it got too hot.  Too hot, did I just say that?  It's April, crazy!!
No one would look at the camera, they were mesmerized by the ducks!

Cute blonde headed little boys!

 Parker kept throwing whole pieces of bread to the ducks, so we finally started handing him little bits...I don't think the ducks minded the whole pieces though!  :)

Since it's been so hot we've even opened the roof of Waco's dog house to keep her cooler.  Parker loves to get inside and play house with her. I'm not sure Waco shares the same sentiments.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Busy body

It's been a while since I've posted and that's because I've been trying to keep up with the cutest little busy body!  :)  Parker is on the go from the moment he wakes up until he lays his head down at night.  We are just eating up this warm weather and try to do most things outside!  Here are some random pics of what we've been up to...

 Parker had a blast celebrating Waco's 7th birthday!
I didn't get a pic of Waco because at this point Parker had tried to put a hat on her multiple times and the dog was in hiding.  Hiding in my closet, far far away from Parker and the hat!

 Grocery shopping with mommy!

Breaking Riding his John Deer tractor

 We've been eating lots of picnics!

 We finally took down the crib and set up his new big boy bed!  Parker never looked back, he slept all night long in it the very first night, not one peep!  :)  He doesn't get out of it until we come get him in the him.
Naps are another story.

 Always ready and willing to help daddy!

 Checking out the monkeys at the zoo with his buddy True!

 On the move, he stood still long enough to smile.

 Snack break at the park

 James now has to mow our yard twice a week and guess who is right there to help?!
Yes, our flower beds are still empty...around these parts you really have to wait until May to plant!  I can't WAIT to plant me some flowers!!

His mowing "outfit" consists of shorts, t-shirt and his John Deer boots!  :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter in Dallas is one of my favorites!  Lots of family time, warm weather and time with the hubby!  James had not been down to Dallas since Christmas, so it was fun to take off and go on dates and shop together!  Mom and dad are always so awesome with Parker so we can do things like that together!  I hope everyone had a great day celebrating our risen Lord!!

 Since Ryan and Carrie were going to be with her family Easter Sunday, Parker and Leah got to dye and hunt eggs a little early!

 He was totally into it!
They actually did really well, I was a little surprised!

 Blue was his favorite!

 The finished products.  Notice the Baylor colored one mommy did??  :)

 Time to hunt!

 These two have so much fun together!

 Saturday morning while mom, Parker and I went to the park, James and dad got to go flying with Tripp!  What a treat it was for them!

 Then we headed off to one of my favorite places to shop and eat, Southlake Town Square!

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Flying high!

Yesterday was the best Saturday!  Tripp, James's cousin, is a pilot in Dallas and he flew into Amarillo for the weekend.  James and I met him out at Tradewinds airport so he could take us up!  I've never been up in a small plane like that before and it was a white knuckle ride!  I was a nervous wreck, but loved it at the same time!  We flew through Palo Duro Canyon which was just gorgeous!  After we made it safely back on the ground, we took off to the ACC golf course for an evening of golf.  Parker loved every minute of the golf game, he even cried when it was over.  Love him.

 Me and James in front of the plane

 James, me and Tripp

 Getting in!

 Our trusty pilot checking things out before we took off.

 The screens up front looked so cool!

 Steve and I rode in the back while James was the "co-pilot"!  

 The canyon

 For those of you who live in Amarillo...can you spot the lighthouse?  Look closely!

 Flying over Amarillo

 I took this pic for Parker...this is the BNSF train yard.
The boy loves seeing these trains when we drive by them!

 Jim, James, me Tripp and Steve

The cute in-laws!  :)

 Parker was napping while we flew and the second he woke up he said "golf course mommy?"  The boy was ready to play!  He played holes 6-18, pretty impressive for an almost 3 year old.

 Steve, Tripp and Jane in their cart

 Parker always rode with "Geefather"

 Teeing off

 Getting instruction from Uncle Steve

This is the only age in life when you can get away with a lime green golf club.  In just a few short years, he'll have a real jr. set, but for now, the Little Tikes version is darling!

 Tripp getting out of the sand trap!

 Serious golfer

 This was the last round on the golf course, the country club is getting ready to tear it all up and build a brand new one.  They already had tractors out there and P was fascinated!  

 The hubs teeing off!

 It was a beautiful evening!

 The golfers after hole #18

My two handsome boys!