Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Baby Bump

For all of you who have been asking for belly they are!  I  put the first one and the most recent one from this week so you can see more of a change!  I can definitely feel him kicking all the time now which is so fun!

12 weeks!

22 weeks!


  1. Baby Austin is growing! This is so exciting!!

  2. That is a CUTE baby bump! You are just too cute!

  3. Hey Lauren,
    Just found you guys...congrats on the baby boy!!! How exciting!!! Glad to you guys doing so well. And I know Scott would want me to ask you to tell James "hi" too :o). Take care,

  4. WHAT belly! HA - you know I had to comment because that was the comment I always got - it's an adorable bump that will start moving a lot more soon!!! Enjoy!