Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I've been tagged by a fellow blogger, Shay!  It's been so much fun reading 25 things about other people, so here are 25 RANDOM things about me...

1.  I eat cereal every single day for breakfast and watch Good Morning America while eating it.
2.  I vacuum my house at least 3 times a week, I love the lines in the carpet...I'm a clean freak.
3.  I LOVE to cook and I make dinner every night of the week (except weekends), I also plan my menu for the week and then spend a LONG time grocery shopping.
4.  One of my favorite parts of the day is watching my dog Waco run in the park after birds with a smile on her face.
5.  I love being pregnant, I have felt great.
6.  Since being pregnant, I am obsessed with pizza and baked Cheetos.  
7.  I eat Cheetos every day with my lunch.
8.  Everyday Italian is my favorite show on the Food Network.
9.  I hate that the air in Amarillo smells like cows more often than not.
10.  I love being outdoors.
11.   I don't like to sit still very long.
12.  I work out every day and have made great new friends that way.
13.  I have been doing spinning class for 4 years now.
14.  I love shopping and I check and every day just for fun!
15.  I love ordering something online and then watching for the package to be on my porch.
16.  I taught science for 6 years in 4 different school districts.
17.  James and I met at Baylor and got married the summer we graduated.
18.  I read cookbooks just for fun and I read them like a book.
19.  My favorite magazine is Cooking Light.
20.  I talk to my dog like she is a person and I know she understands me because she turns her head when I talk to her.
21.  My nursery is going to have light yellow walls and black and white fabrics.
22.  I LOVE to travel.
23.  James and I have lived in and traveled throughout Africa for a summer.
24.  By the time  I am 70 years old, I want to have basically traveled the world.
25.  I think summer is the best time of the year!

I tag Ashley, Carrie and it girls, it's fun!

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