Sunday, April 5, 2009

Waco's 4th birthday

Yes I know...this may be a little much for those of you who aren't dog lovers, but Waco has been our child for four years now and she gets a "birthday party" every year.  In just two short months, I will have a baby to post pictures of instead of my dog! :)

When Waco is asked a question, she turns her head like this!  We have a lot of fun asking her things! :)

She even got a slice of cake but she wasn't too sure about the flame.

Yes, a profile pic has to sneak in.  This is 32 weeks!


  1. Give Waco a birthday hug! The pictures are too cute!

  2. Tulip turned 4 in February and we always throw her a party too!! Waco will always been your baby!!