Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's at the ranch!

We spent the New Year weekend at the ranch this year. We had snow on the ground and bitter cold temps, but that didn't stop us from getting outside and having some fun! We spent plenty of time inside watching LOTS of football, playing games and eating wonderful food!!

The ranch was a winter wonderland while we were out there. It's so beautiful in the summer but it has a different kind of beauty this time of year too!


Anyone familiar with the Pioneer Woman?? If not, you need to get to know her cookbook and/or blog. Her food is AWESOME!!! Liesl made these meatballs and mac and cheese from her cookbook and it was seriously one of the best meals ever! I'm not really a mac and cheese, meatball kind of girl, but oh you must try these! Her recipes are not low fat or healthy in any way, but every now and then you must splurge on these recipes!

The cook posing with her mac and cheese! :)

On New Year's day morning, we had a wonderful breakfast of "flinson"...a family recipe. Think thin pancake or crepe with syrup. We always have bacon with this particular breakfast. The boys cook the bacon outside because it makes too much of a mess inside! Plus, it gives them one more "male bonding" experience out there! :) And yes, the dogs are always around hoping and praying for just one morsel to fall to the ground.

Parker with his Uncle Ruben

Only four short months ago we were jumping off this pier into the lake, now it's frozen!
This is me thinking of standing up on it, but not quite sure.

The ice was about two inches thick!
I don't have any pics of the drama that unfolded after this picture was taken, but my dog Waco went out onto the ice and she fell in. All I could imagine was her going under and getting stuck under the ice. Adrenaline took over and I reached in and ripped her out by the neck! Thankfully she was close to shore. I'm kind of glad this was not documented on camera! :)

Here is Ruben "ice skating" on the cow tank. For those of you who are not familiar with ranch lingo, this is what cows drink out of! :)

Parker is sledding! Ruben pulled him all over the ranch house yard and he loved it!

My little snow bunny sitting up so well all by himself.

My boys.

Parker, James, me, Jane, Olivia and Ruben

Me and my little man

Parker and James on the tractor!


  1. Oh my heavens!! I LOVE Pioneer Woman! I am totally addicted to her blog and recipes. YUM!! I have made so many delicious things and I got her cookbook for Christmas too. Delicious! Try her cinnamon rolls, cinnamon french morning muffins, artichoke dip, twice baked potatoes, Marlborough man pasta and garlic cheese bread, stuffed mushrooms, mashed potatoes and chicken fried steak and thank me later!!!!!

  2. Lauren, Parker is ADORABLE.....what beautiful pictures. I can't even imagine seeing a frozen lake.