Sunday, April 25, 2010

Play date

My how our play dates have changed! Heidi, Brie and I rotate houses most weeks to get together so we can talk and our kids can play, and boy do they play these days! It's funny to think that we started out meeting at Starbucks with baby carriers in hand so we could sit and talk while our babies slept or just laid there. Now they are all crawling, pulling up, grabbing hair and anything else they can get their hands on. They are too cute and these girls are such a blessing!

Jack and Parker are not good at smiling for the camera yet! :)

Look what I can do mom!
Parker is very into crawling in and under things. (He's got Heidi's shoe in his hand, not sure where he was going with it!)

Sweet Blair, she's holds her own with these boys!

Squealing little monkey

Jack is wondering why I keep pointing a camera at his face!

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