Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dallas trip

Last Tuesday Parker and I flew to Dallas to spend the week with my family. As usual, we had a blast and were busy, busy! Of course, I got some shopping in, a pedicure, we went to a splash park, went to a Ranger game, tried on bridesmaid dresses for my cousin's wedding and got to visit all Parker's great-grand parents! Needless to say when we got back to Amarillo on Sunday night, we were both exhausted from all of our fun! Thanks mom and dad for making our time there so special and fun, we can't wait to do it again! I think it's become a tradition to go in July every summer! :)

Thursday morning I met up with my college roomate, Ashley, and her girls. We had so much fun catching up and watching our kids play! We hadn't seen each other in a year!

Sweet Rachel

Here is Anna posing in the slide!

Parker had fun watching the girls come down the slide.

Ryan is a Dallas fire fighter and he got some new fire boots for his graduation from fire academy present. Here is Lindsey modeling them. Somehow they just don't go with the dress girl!

And the Leah wanted to try them on.

Parker did not want to try them on! :)

Friday night we had tickets to go the Ranger game but it was pouring down rain at game time. We ordered pizza and hung out until the rain stopped. The game finally started at 9:30 and you can bet that we were there!! We had awesome seats because my sister in law, Carrie's, best friend and roomate from Baylor is Nolan Ryan's personal assistant, awesome job!!!!

We were also entertained by Parker and Leah while waiting to go to the game. Leah LOVES to give hugs and kisses to Parker.

Poor Parker. That girls loves her cousin!

Ok mom, rescue me from her!

Then Grandad got in the floor and quickly became a jungle gym!

And to further pass the time, Ryan and Lindsey decided to see what a dog shock collar feels like. Notice Lindsey has it up to her neck and Ryan has the control...whatever floats your boat! :)
FINALLY at the game and it's still raining but our seats were right under a balcony so we were dry!

Cute Ryan and Carrie

Josh Hamilton in action.

And that would be the back of Nolan Ryan's head. I would have paid some serious money to get a pic with him!! He was so close, yet so far away! He was on the 1st row and we were on the 28th row, bummer.

Saturday was a busy day! We started off getting to go to Ruthie Davis's baby shower! Ruthie and I grew up together and I was so excited to find out I was in town the same weekend as her shower. It was fun to see some old high school friends!

While we were there, this darling little girl came up to us and started talking to and loving on Parker. He wasn't too sure about all of that! :) The girls are already lining up, yikes!!

After the shower, we met Kristen, my cousin, at several bridal shops to try on bridesmaid dresses for her December 5th wedding. This is the style that was chosen, it will be in a deep purple color. My dress obviously doesn't fit in this pic and the lighting was awful, we just tried on what sizes they had available!

Sunday rolled around and Grandad entertained while mommy packed for the airport.
Who knew baskets could be so fun!

Excited to go home and see daddy!


  1. It was FUN girl! Thanks for making the time to hang out with us - let's not let another year go by this time! HA! Parker is precious - love you!

  2. Say not all that you know, believe not all that you hear.............................................................

  3. what splash park did you go to while you were here? i have been trying to find some fun places to take joshua this summer.

  4. Hi my name is Tandy Townsend Adams. My sister Tori found you and commented on your June 8th post. Anyway, I have many fond memories with the Austins. Our Dad, Jerry and Jim were great friends. We also lived on the Franklin ranch in the early 80s. I loved swimming in the pool (actually I think it was new then). I have enjoyed looking at your blog and all the pictures from the ranch! I love blogging too.... My blog is kdtadams.blogspot.com and please tell everyone hello!