Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

It's hard to believe Christmas has come and gone! I think December is the fastest month out of the whole year! We have had a wonderful two days celebrating Christmas with the Austin family. We leave for Dallas in the morning to continue celebrating through New Year's with my family so I have to make this post fast so I can go pack!! I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas! Here are a "few" pics! :)

We always spend Christmas Eve day with the Austin side of the family. Usually it's at Grandmother Dottie's house but our family has gotten so big, we've moved it to Uncle Steve and Auntie Jane's house! There were 31 people there.
We started the day off with family pics...oh boy! Parker was not thrilled.

My boys!

Ann's mother, James's "Meemo", just celebrated her 91st birthday!

Me and the FIL, Jim!

Ruben with precious Juliet, this was her very first Christmas!

This tradition started when James was little...all the kids put on a "Christmas play". We read scripture, sing carols and the kids dress up and act out the manger scene. It's so cute and there always seems to be a baby to play baby Jesus!

Ruben reading the Christmas story from the Bible.

"Baby Jesus" with some shepherds and an angel in the background.

Here is Parker not wanting to be an angel.

Having fun after the pageant.

Then all of the sudden Parker's worst nightmare came true, Santa came through the front door to hand out presents. He was panicked and quickly ran away while screaming...poor baby will need therapy after this Christmas season! :)

Watching safely in daddy's arms from a very far distance!

Carter (James's cousin's son) who is four months older than Parker, got to eat together in the kitchen...the best place for two very messy toddlers!

Love this handsome boy!!

Parker trying to see what's happening on the pool table! The guys had a ping pong and pool tournament going the whole day! There was not ONE dull moment the entire, how could there be with 31 people in the house??

Olivia and sweet Juliet

Fun with Faith!

Parker LOVED watching everyone play the Nintendo Wii! After each meal all you had to do was play the Wii to work up a sweat so you'd be hungry for the next meal! :) The food was amazing!

We got home late Christmas Eve and then the night continued with the assembly of "Santa toys"! So fun!

Cinnamon rolls Christmas morning...still trying to wake up!

Nana made a wonderful brunch that we enjoyed once we got to her house!

Posing when no one else would, how rare is that?

All 5 grandkids Christmas morning at Nana's house!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!! There will be lots of Dallas pics to post when we get back! :)


  1. I think I found you from Katie Rowe, but just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! Looks like you had a fabulous time! =)

  2. Lauren, Parker is such a little man! Precious. Loved seeing all your Christmas pics. ; ) Have fun in Dallas!