Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Big Cedar 2011

Our annual summer trip to Big Cedar has become one of my all time favorite places to go in the summer for several reasons...we got engaged there back in 2001, we get to stop and see our precious friends Katie and Jason in Fayettville, I love to water ski and I love being in God's beautiful creation!  It's hard to believe this trip has already come and gone, we look forward to it all year!
There are a TON of pics to share, get ready!

 Our first night we stopped and stayed with Katie and Jason!
Love this girl so much!!
We go all the way back to our Tridelt pledge retreat in 1999 when we pulled our sleeping bags next to each other and became instant, lifelong friends!  

 Parker and Zach had fun together...Z had big plans for Parker, but P was exhausted from the car trip and wasn't so into them.  They were still so cute to watch though!  

 The other cute boys we hung out with!

These two had a ball in the bathtub together!!

 The next day we arrived at Big Cedar and were SO happy to finally be there!

 Once we arrive, we always eat lunch at this beautiful little cottage called "Truman's Cottage".  They have the best sandwiches there!

 Jane and Steve's crew eating together.

Parker and Katherine love to play together.  She's the only one that actually understands his "language". It's so cute, they will sit and have a conversation together but Parker babbles and she understands!

 On the boat at last!!

 Parker loves the boat and wears his life jacket like a big boy.

My how he's changed since his very first trip to BC in 2009!

 James, Parker and Faith in the water.

 Tripp and Luke on the jet ski about to pull me on the slalom.  Yes, Luke just had knee surgery but couldn't resist the urge to join in the activity!  :)

 Liesl and I about to slalom.

 This was Parker's first time to be pulled behind the boat and he did great!  We had a little family ride on the tube!

 Little man waiting oh so patiently for his food at the marina grill.

 Parker's right hand girl!  Faith is always beside Parker entertaining and helping him!  She's the best!

 Our entire family took up three picnic tables, this was ours...the kiddie table!  :)

 At this marina, you can see and feed these huge carp fish.  Parker got a kick out of looking at them.

 Gross.  I don't like to think these are below me when I'm in the water skiing!

 Parker and Katherine after a day on the boat.

 Nana and Parker

Me and my little man!

  This pic is for his rehearsal dinner slideshow!  :)
He had a major blow out diaper on the boat and ruined his swimsuit, so he got to walk back to the cabin 
looking like this! (stick in hand of course)  Love it!

 When we weren't on the boat, we were at the pool having fun!

 Ruben and Juliet

 Cute Blake

 Katherine, aka "Aqua woman".  This girl is a fish and loves the water!

 Jane, Olivia and Steve relaxing by the pool.

We ate all of our meals outdoors on our deck, Parker loved to watch the birds, squirrels and bugs while he ate!

 Family pic 2011




  1. Very fun! Loved ALL the pictures. So glad you guys had a good time!!!

  2. So fun! That picture of Z and P in the bathtub is making me laugh so hard! Miss ya'll already.

  3. I just love parkers romper in that second picture!