Monday, May 6, 2013

First weeks at home

Little Miss Sydney is already two weeks old, hard to believe!  Our first couple of weeks at home have gone so smoothly and I give the credit to my mom being here for the first week and all the amazing friends we have that have been and continue to provide meals for us!  What a huge blessing!!  Parker adores his baby sister, I love watching him love on her.  Sydney cries when she is hungry or tired and goes about every 3 hours during the day between feedings and anywhere between 4 and 7 hours at night!  Love her!!
Our new morning routine is so fun...Parker has started sleeping in until around 7:30 and Sydney sleeps until 9 or so.  That gives P and I some uninterrupted time together which I love!  We've made some outings on our own and you better believe Target was one of those places!!  Target was the first place I ever took Parker!  :)  I have to mention how helpful James is and how good he looks holding his daughter!  He never thought he was the "daughter type"...he has been proved wrong!  Pink is the new color palette around our house and it's so FUN!

Here are some pics of our first weeks at home...
All legs!

Waco is thinking..."And what is THIS??  Not another one!"

First bath

All clean!

Me, Sydney and mom before she went home

Leah and Sydney

There has been alot of this going on!

Great-grandmother Dottie and Sydney

She loves hanging out in her little bouncy seat.

Our first walk!

Enjoying a warm afternoon!

The oldest and youngest cousins

Clean baby after bath!

2 week check up!

Daddy and his daughter!


All 8 cousins... the 9th will be born to Sloan and Liesl in August!!

 Photo shoot sneak peak!

 I love this.


  1. Eeks! Those last two pictures are extra special! Sydney is such a cutie! I'm so glad you have pink in your house now!

  2. I die for that picture of Parker and Sydney!!! Just perfect!!! And you better believe I zoomed in on that picture of your first walk.... Um where's your tummy??? You know you're supposed to have a pooch for a good 6 months at least! You look phenomenal!!! I knew you would!!! I'm gonna go eat some cake and cry now lol! You look so happy momma, and you deserve it!

  3. SO stinkin' cute! I love the pictures of Sydney and Parker! He is obviously the best big brother already! Your family is precious!