Thursday, July 10, 2014

Family Fun

A couple of weeks ago, my mom, dad, sister, brother and his family all came up to the ranch to play for several days!  It was such a treat to have them all up here this summer, what a blessing our time together was!

Carrie and Ty fishing!

Success from Lindsey!


Sydney's first "antennae" thanks to Aunt Lindsey!

Just hanging out

Holding on

Don't worry mom, I got this!  A big wind storm blew a bunch of branches down on our riding trails through the woods.

Dad and Ryan having a peaceful morning fishing.

Neesie and her grandkids (minus one).

Celebrating Grandad's birthday around the fire pit with presents and peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream!

Ty and Sydney

Swimming with my girl

There's nothing like fishing in the late evening, so peaceful.

A little silliness involved too!

But mostly peaceful

Wait, this was not peaceful…goofy is the word I'm looking for! ;)
(love you Lindsey)

It was a perfect evening.

Parker driving us back to the ranch house on the dirt road!

Little bird legs learning to walk.

Nothing says summer like watermelon!

And picking the vegetable garden.

Fun in the pool!

This girl loves the jogger!

My beautiful Sydney, mom and sister!

These two LOVED playing on the lilypad!

Smores with dad

Little discoveries

Our last day.
It sure was a fun week!!

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