Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pagosa Springs, CO trip

A couple of weeks ago, we took off to Pagosa Springs with James's parents and Luke's family to enjoy some cool mountain air!  I'm not going to lie, I was skeptical.  It's summer, I love the heat and I'm not really fond of having to put a fleece on when mentally I'm supposed to be hot.  I'm weird, I love hot weather, send me to the beach any day.  Well, we got there and the beauty overtook me!  I couldn't get over it.  We rented a gorgeous house on the Weminuche Valley Ranch that was nestled at the base of the mountains.  There was a river running through and enough land that even two little boys couldn't come close to conquering!  It was perfect and relaxing.
I even found a new hobby while there, fly fishing!  It was so much fun and such a peaceful activity, I had a hard time leaving…and it wasn't even that "cold" in my book! ;)

In the plane and ready to roll!

Parker couldn't stop watching the cockpit,  What little boy could resist?

Taking off!

On the tarmac unloading while Sydney kept Friday entertained.
(Friday is Luke's dog who came with us in the plane.  She is sick and couldn't be left behind).
Luke's family had been in Yellowstone, so they just met us there.

Day 1: Off to fly fish with the boys!

I mean, how cute is this mountain/fly fishing gear anyway?  The river was FREEZING but my feet never felt it.  My awesome water socks/boots kept them dry.

Psalm 65:6
"You formed the mountains by Your power and armed Yourself with mighty strength".

Learning the art of fly fishing on dry ground first.

Our guide, Scott, was so good and SO patient!

James and Luke

By day two I had the hang of it.


Another one!

Sweet little Adelynn became quite the fisher too!

We drove into the town of Pagosa Springs one day and floated the (FREEZING) river.  Notice how my body looks like a flat board going across my tube…there was no way I wanted my hiney in that frigid water.  It's a shame that right after that pic we hit some rapids and I was completely soaked and trying to catch my breath because of shock. ;)

Miss Priss stayed with Nana and Geefather, no tubing for her yet but she did get to sit in one!
Katherine wore a pink cowboy hat that said "birthday girl" on it.  We always knew where she was on the river!
Lunch at a fun place after floating the river.

There was also lots of horse back riding.
This was a quick ride, notice the storm rolling in.

These two had a TON of fun.  They would sit still long enough to watch the hummingbirds on the porch!

See the hummingbird?

 Beautiful in more ways than one!

I spy two little boys in the forest!
(They called that their hunting home.  That day they were hunting bison.)
Imagination at its best!

One day we just played in the river.

Sydney got very into throwing mud!


The girls perched on a rock watching the action in the river.

Our last night was spent laughing and making smores around the campfire!

Flying home!


  1. Ahhhh! So much fun!! I love you so very much but I will never understand why you like the heat ;). So glad you had the best time! I'm super impressed with your fly fishing skills :).