Friday, September 19, 2014

Labor Day weekend

Labor day weekend is always a fun weekend at the ranch wrapping up summer with the family!  We try to pack it all into a long weekend before we "shut it down" for the summer.  The pool gets covered out there, deer feeders and blinds get ready for the upcoming season and believe it or not, the trees start changing here pretty quick!!  It's SO weird…it's hot up until Labor day and then miraculously, we cool down the next week and fall is here to stay!

Two little monkeys helping me pack for the ranch!

Sydney was all about playing around the pool, not so much in the pool!
She sure looked cute though.

The kids even swam in the lake.  
Blake and Parker taking a dip!

One night we all cooked hot dogs and s'mores in the creek bed.

Which translates into a sand party for the kids!

I was digging sand out of Sydney for days and days after this!  ;)

Parker making four wheeler noises and taking Juliet on a "ride"!

Just hanging out while the bacon was being cooked outside.

Two professional bacon taste testers right there!

Little miss I want to go fast!!

And somewhere in there…I had a birthday!   
My in-laws were sweet to throw me a birthday lunch after church on my big day!

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  1. Sydney looks so big! It's like she turned into a big girl overnight!!! Love seeing pics of ya'll at the ranch.