Friday, December 19, 2014

The most wonderful time of the year...

Has been one of the busiest times for us!!  I haven't blogged in almost TWO whole months…my plate has been very full!  I'll let the pics do the explaining!!
Our house sold in November and then the packing started!
We lived in this mess for about a month.
Then it was off to Dallas the week of Thanksgiving to visit the fam and wedding dress shop with my sis!
We got back to Amarillo in time for Thanksgiving day and a fun little turkey trot with the Austin fam on Thanksgiving morning.
Then we were off to the ranch for the weekend for some more fun!
When we got back it was time to completely move out of our house and in with my in-laws.  We will be with them until our new home is finished being built.
Last bedtime story in our house.
Last walk to our park.

Ya'll, I couldn't let this go.  I was SO emotional about moving out of this house.  Something about leaving the house you brought your babies home to…it stung a lot!
We settled in nicely at Nana's house and the holidays came into full swing!
Our new house is in full swing too.  Building a house means I am constantly looking at samples of EVERYTHING!
Back to the holidays…Parker's class had a field trip to the mall to see Santa.
This just cracked me up.
Parker has been afraid of Santa for the past 4 years and this year, he was finally ok with him.  Sydney…felt differently about him.  Bless her heart.
She scored a horse purse after being traumatized and then we went shoe shopping; she made me proud!
So girly!

Every year Jim and Ann (in-laws) host a bunch of widows from our church for a nice dinner at their house.  This year Parker was very into serving the ladies.  They just melted over him.
 Sweet boy served over 20 dinner plates that night!
And just in case you were wondering…among all that is going on, this is what Christmas shopping looked like for me.  I relented and finally did the rest on!  Amen.  I am tired. ;)

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  1. I was totally emotional about leaving our house too. I cried over every "our last..." for a month. I'm so glad you're moved out, enjoying the holidays and picking out things for the new house! So fun! Merry Christmas!!!