Thursday, February 26, 2015

January and February

Life has just been abnormal since December 1st.  We are living with my in-laws and while all is going very well, it's just not our own space.  I've had a hard time just finding a rhythm and a routine and for a girl who thrives off of routine, I've been learning how to just deal.  The Lord has been teaching all of us a lesson during this time of transition.  Some of us are learning patience, some of us are learning to be more flexible while most of us are learning to bloom where we are planted. :)
It's been cold, it's been warm and we've had plenty to keep us busy because it blows my mind that March 1st is on Sunday!!!  Can I get an Amen?
Spring means so much this year…it means the anticipated arrival of warmer weather, green leaves and pretty flowers and Lord willing, the completion of our house!!  Can I get another Amen and a Hallelujah?
Here is what we have been up to since Christmas...

I am so blessed by these two every single day!

In January, we had a ton of snow!

There was sledding involved for sure.  
Sleds + a rope + a truck = major fun!

 More snow!

They actually canceled school over this snow storm. 
We had over a foot…anyone from the Northeast is laughing over this right now and I realize that! ;)

Precious snow bunny.

In January, we traveled down to Dallas for Braz and Lindsey's engagement party!  
Our complete family picture minus the kids of course.  We are so happy to have Braz be a part of our family!

This is the day that Miss Priss decided to undress herself during nap time…diaper and all.
It was a wet mess to clean up…I do realize it could have been worse.

Sweet moments

And we praise the Lord when he blesses us with warm, sunny days to get outside and PLAY!!

Checking on the progress of our millwork.  The kids loved seeing this massive shop!

Getting ready for the 100th day of kindergarten!!

No childcare at the gym one day?  No problem…she jumped right in!

We've also had some sick days too.

This was a big day…the day my handsome hubby passed his flying test and became a licensed pilot!

The day it was just so warm that we stopped for ice cream on the way home from school!

Valentine's day celebrations were fun!!

Parker loved having Sydney at his class party!

Parker has a really fun class!

And the BEST teacher ever!!

James spoiled his girls by surprising us with flowers!

Fun Valentine's mail from Neesie and Grandad.

Last weekend was huge…we drove down to Dallas for my cousin's wedding, we shopped for our house and I had Lindsey's bachelorette party.
These two cousins adore each other.  Since they don't see each other very often, they make the most of their time together!

Three little cousins who all behaved during the ceremony!

Up bright and early the next morning ordering coffee to help us through the big day!

We spent the entire day at Dallas Market Center shopping for our new home.
Overwhelming is an understatement and we were so very thankful to have had our designer there to hold our hands!

Wall to wall fabric choices.  It really was a fun, fun day!
I can't wait to see the interior all come together now.

I ended last weekend by throwing my Sis a very fun bachelorette party!
The night was a blast and I'm already counting down the days until her big day!!
Is it bad that it took me days to recover from the lack of sleep?  Not a Spring chicken anymore. :(

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