Thursday, August 27, 2015

I'm back!

Whew, what a summer!!  The last time I posted was Memorial Day weekend, we've been just a tad busy and I've even toyed with giving up this blog.  I know the day will come though when my kids are grown and my life is boring and I might just want to sit down and sob over these sweet days when they were little! ;)  So I press on in the blogging world with the small hope in the back of my mind that one day, I'll become consistent again!  Miracles do happen.

The whole summer went by and I posted nothing about it.  I'm going to choose a picture or two from each "event" and leave it at that.  I must move forward because we have started a new school year and a new season is upon us!!

Here's what happened this summer…

This is the very first day of summer.  They were up early and ready to get outside!!
We are still living with my in-laws here while our new house was being built.  In the end we lived with them for 7 months and we all lived to tell about it! ;)
Not long after summer began we headed up to Missouri for our annual trip to Big Cedar Lodge and lots of lake time on Table Rock!
With summer in full swing, we were at our house daily checking on progress.
Floors being laid on this day.
Wallpaper and paint going on in the guest bath.
Little Miss got her cast off in mid June, we were so happy this day came!
This slugger had a great baseball season.
They ended up being champs of their league, not bad!!
We spent almost everyday at the pool with friends.  It was just so much fun!
We made a few trips to play at the ranch, with the house going on, we didn't get out there nearly enough.
The 4th of July was celebrated at the ranch with lots of cousins, a few friends thrown in and fireworks for good measure.  It was a party indeed!
Move in day arrived…wait, can I get an AMEN??  Moving day finally came.  After 15 months of building, sometimes we wondered if we would ever move in!!  Here we are getting it all set up.
My most favorite floor in the whole house…I love how our bathroom turned out.
Literally a week after we moved in, James and I took off on a 10 day, kid free vacay to St. Barths and Nevis in the Caribbean. 
We literally laid around for days staring at this just to recover from the craziness and stress of moving!!
We eventually got adventurous and enjoyed hiking, lunches at fun beach restaurants and snorkeling.
We came home to these two cuties and ate them up, ten days is a long time without your babies.  We couldn't have done it without the joint effort of our parents…thanks again mom and dad and Jim and Ann!!
I cooked my first meal in the new kitchen and taco night it was!
This by the way, is my most favorite room in the whole house, the kitchen!!
Parker participated in a golf camp and won the tournament for his age group on the last day.  We were so proud!
Shortly after we moved in, I had my photographer friend come over and get some great pics of the kids.
Summer isn't complete without a trip down to Dallas to visit my fam.
These sweet cousins had a great time together at Neesie and Grandad's house!
We kept cool by swimming and eating lots of ice cream!
It was sweet to see the kids get to spend time with their great-grandparents.

I turned 35 on Aug. 17 and we all dressed up and went to a nice dinner to celebrate.  It was a fun evening.
And just like that, school has started again.
WHY does summer go so fast??  This big kid is in 1st grade this year and we pray for a wonderful year.
I'm back to just having this cutie with me all day…wouldn't trade these days for the world!

There you have it…a VERY short version of our summer!!
Fall, bring it on!  I look forward to what all the Lord has in store for this new season.


  1. Girl, I'm exhausted just reading about your summer! You need a vacation from your summer vacation :). I can't wait to see more pics of your new house! It looks beautiful!!! I love the bathroom floors too!!

  2. Love your new house. And this is creepy but I love your blog! Don't stop :)

  3. Hahaha these are great pictures. You are very blessed to have such a beautiful family. I know my wife and I love reading your blog it inspires us to document our vacations more so that we can look at them when the kids are out of the house. Thank you for sharing this again and keep up all the work.

    Wilbert Bowers @ Mirr Ranch Group