Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Disney World part one

Last month we took a pretty big trip...we tackled the magical world of Disney!  Now, Disney is awesome, fun and magical, but it's a TRIP, not a vacation.  It was exhausting but we had a blast!  We did not go over the top with planning every single second of the day...we rolled with the flow and did things according to what the kids were up for.  Example...we had a story time with Belle lined up one day.  Sydney was OVER meeting characters so we ditched that plan and rode some rides instead.  Some three year olds dig characters, mine did not.  No big deal!
The pictures will do the talking, it was a memorable trip for sure!!

At DFW heading to our plane, they were SO excited!  Notice Minnie Mouse in tow.

We arrived at the Grand Floridian (amazing hotel by the way) just in time to meet Cinderella and watch her dance with Prince Charming.  We were off to a great start!

Checking out our hotel.
One of the first things Parker wanted to do that evening was ride the monorail all the way around, that's just what we did.  Parker with Nana and Geefather.

The next morning Parker and James headed to Hollywood Studios an hour before the park opened so Parker could get a spot in the Jedi training.  The rest of us stayed at the hotel and had a nice breakfast.  Sydney scored Mickey pancakes!!
And here Parker is doing his Jedi training.  He talked about this for MONTHS before we went.  We knew we had to make this happen.
Fighting Darth Vader.  
Parker is very into Star Wars these days so it was a good thing that Hollywood Studios was ALL about Star Wars all over the park!
Storm Trooper!!!
We just happened to run into this pair, Chip and Dale, while strolling through the park.  Notice...Sydney is not a fan of characters.
The next day was my favorite...Magic Kingdom!  
You could spend days in this park!  Sydney's face? She must have just run into a character, ha!  It was like a bad dream for her...if I could have the eye roll emoji here, I would! :)
Riding the tea cups!

Sydney was all about the carousel!
Before our trip the kids watched the classic movie "Swiss Family Robinson" and then we all climbed their treehouse at the park!  I'm so glad they watched the movie because the tree house meant something to them.
Riding the Tomorrowland cars with my little driver!
Dumbo ride! I recommend putting each child in a different Dumbo.  They fought over the "joy stick" of making Dumbo flying up and down. Sydney is so mad in this picture. #siblingproblems
That evening we ate at a nice restaurant and of COURSE we had to go to dinner decked out in our Cinderella dress!!  Love her.
The next day was Epcot and this park didn't disappoint either.  It was one of my favorites but the kids put it at the bottom of their list.
Why was it at the bottom of Sydney's list?  
Must have been because this was character meeting day!! We met everyone!
Minnie!  Sydney is trying so hard here.
After we tortured Sydney with character pics, we had fun visiting all the places around the world in Epcot.  We just happened to be in China during lunch and ate some really great Asian food!
After a full day at Epcot...all they wanted to do was hit the pool when we got back to our hotel and that was the highlight of their day!!  Stay tuned for part two...I won't take a month to post it! ;)

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  1. Looking forward to returning to Disney next May! Love seeing your pics and LOVE the Grand Floridian...hoping to return there.