Sunday, May 21, 2017

Disney World part two!

More pics of our trip to Disney World!  We dedicated one day to each of the four major parks.  The day we went to Magic Kingdom we just didn't fit it all in.  So...the next day they had "magic hours" and the park opened at 7 am.  Yep, we were there at 7:00 sharp and walked up to any ride we wanted to.  I highly recommend the whole magic hour thing!!
Animal Kingdom was the last park we did and it was fun!  Going on the African safari was the highlight of this park, the kids loved seeing all of the animals!
One of my favorite pics from Epcot.  She wanted a picture in front of all the pink flowers.
Trying so hard to meet Mickey!!
Good morning Magic Kingdom!  The sun was just coming up!  So much fun to be there that early.  (we are morning people so this worked for us)
Bright eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to tackle the park!
You can't always walk through Cinderella's castle but they had it open that morning and inside we noticed the most beautiful mosaics all over the walls.  Each depicted a scene from a Disney movie!
Animal Kingdom opened at 9 am and so we left MK and went straight there.  They loved the animals!
Even the tiniest of animals were there!
And the largest...can you spot the rhino?
Waking up so early that morning finally caught up with this sweet girl.  Napping in the jogger for the win.
My crew on the nature walk.
And then back to the hotel for more swimming and Mickey ice cream bars!!
Until next time Disney World!!  
I wish he would stay 7 years old with BB8 ears on his head.  :)

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