Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Cedar

Big Cedar Lodge on Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri is one of my all time favorite places to go for several reasons...James and I got engaged here the summer of 2001, I LOVE to water ski, I would move up here in a heartbeat just to live near a beautiful lake that I could ski on, everything we do here involves the outdoors AND I just love enjoying God's awesome creation! The Austin family goes most summers and we have a blast staying in cabins, skiing, golfing, playing games, hiking, eating and just having some serious fun in a beautiful place. It was extra special this year having Parker with us, he is such a laid back baby and went everywhere with us and did everything and loved it, which made me very happy!! Here are some pictures from our week there...

Arriving at Big Cedar!

Waiting on the beautiful lookout deck while we get checked in

All checked in and on the lake for an awesome evening ski!
My little boat man all ready to go! :)

The next morning the guys played golf and the girls hiked Dogwood Canyon, a beautiful place several miles away from Big Cedar. Absolutely gorgeous!

All the girls and strollers

Sweet Parker napped during our hike. As long as that fan is blowing on him, he's a happy camper.

Walking toward a pretty bridge overlooking the creek, wrong direction Ann! :)

Back on the boat for an afternoon/evening ski and Parker is napping once again. We found that the motor instantly put him to sleep which was great, James and I got lots of skiing in!

Out like a light!

James, Georgina and Adelynn on the jet ski

My little Gilligan

James tearing it up behind the boat.


On the lake early in the morning for some of the best skiing and Parker napping again in the boat! He was such a trooper to put up with that life jacket.

Lunch at the marina grill.
Is it time for the boat again?

James's cousin Tripp and I both celebrate August birthdays so sweet Liesl made us a birthday cake. I like cream cheese frosting and Tripp likes chocolate frosting...we got the best of both worlds with her awesome cake!

Sweet Faith holding Parker at the pool

Hanging out at the pool while the guys were golfing again.

Waking up from a nap at the pool

My little lake baby!

Last evening on the lake.

Leaving Big Cedar, always a sad day and dreading a 10 hour car trip home.

Here are some pics of what Big Cedar looks like.

Beautiful walking trails...Parker and I were on them everyday for a lovely morning run!

The registration place

Entrance, as we were driving away. :(

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