Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fun Weekend!!

What a FUN weekend it has been! The fun started when I got to babysit Parker's bff, Jack, on Friday afternoon. The boys had so much fun playing together, Parker even made several grunts at Jack, just like he was telling him something very important, too cute!
Then Friday night mom and dad flew in for the weekend. We had so much fun just hanging out, eating good food, and running errands together. Dad and James even found some "handy man" projects to get into. They installed a new faucet at our kitchen sink and mounted something on the wall in the garage.
Mom and dad got their Parker fix which was so fun to watch! We had big plans of making homemade pizza and watching the Super Bowl together on Sunday night, but their flight for Monday morning got cancelled (more winter weather) so they had to leave Sunday night. :( As always it was sad to see them go, but we're already counting down until Parker and I fly to Dallas in March!! Here are some pics from the weekend...

CUTE boys!!

Sweet Jack Hickman

Some serious playing going on

I know that thing is supposed to go in my mouth!

Playing in the floor Saturday morning.

Mommy and her little man

Neesie and Parker

I know I've talked about her before on my blog, but here I go again. If you don't know the Pioneer Woman, please do yourself a favor and visit the cooking section of her blog. These cinnamon rolls (pre -icing) are make your face sweat good! I mean they were SO delicious!!! I probably could have rolled them out thinner because they just kept rising, but the bigger the better right? Go ahead and splurge, try them!!
This weekend I also made her homemade salsa and baked beans, both of these are a must try, especially the salsa!!

Good morning, where are my cinnamon rolls??

Showing off his skills

Posing for Neesie's camera

Waco just hoping that someone will throw her ball. She is driving us NUTS, she's been inside because of the snow and her energy level keeps building!

In the zone...drooling and trying to crawl at the same time, tough work!

Neesie and Grandad about to go to the airport. :(

Family pic


  1. I made her cinnamon rolls after Thanksgiving!! Delicious!!! SOOOOOO good. I made several batches and gave to teachers/friends/neighbors as holiday gifts! Praises everywhere!!!! I have been wanting to try her salsa. I too am in love with PW!!

  2. Oh, these made me miss my momma! But, she's coming this weekend so I'm good. :) Still haven't tried PW's rolls, but will very soon. MISS YOU FRIEND! This just ain't right - we should be raising kids TOGETHER and Parker should know me as "Aunt Ash" Oh what a cutie he is!!! Looks like he may need another haircut soon - HA!