Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Parker's vacation

Meanwhile, back in Dallas, Parker was having a blast with his Neesie and Grandad! They had planned on going to the zoo, the water park and other outdoor activities, but since the heat index was about 105 everyday, they found other ways to have fun and from the looks of it, they did! Here are some pictures from his his big week...

I think it's safe to say that Parker had a GREAT time on his vacation!
He and Leah have so much fun together!

Visiting Mema and Papa's house

Hanging out with Dede while he came over to visit!

Visiting the church nursery at Neesie and Grandad's church.

Playing with Grandad in the floor!

He got to go to Toys R Us and pick out a new truck!

Trying on Grandad's reading glasses! :)

He learned to sit in the rocking chair and intently watch Seasame Street!

Hanging out with Aunt Sissy!

Picking out a new purse for mommy!

Swimming in the pool!

Being silly

Shopping makes a boy tired! :)

Just chillin out.

He perfected his walking skills!

Big helper!

Aunt Sissy babysat while Ryan graduated from paramedic school! Way to go Ryan, we are so proud of you!!!

He and grandad went on walks

Enjoying lunch out at Chickfla

Now that he is a walker, he got to go shoe shopping!

"Mommy and daddy came back to get me!"

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