Monday, August 23, 2010

Mississippi trip

Charming...that is the word I would use to describe Madison, MS! Parker and I flew there last Thursday to spend a long weekend with our best friends Heidi and her son Jack, and Brie and her daughter Blair. Heidi grew up there and our husbands were on a law firm retreat, so we couldn't think of a better time to go the South!

We had a ball!! Heidi's sweet parents were gracious enough to babysit and let us have some "girl time"! We shopped, ate out, got coffee and even pedicures without babies!
I have always wanted to visit the deep south and it was everything I thought it would be! My favorite were the houses...big porches, white columns and of course, rocking chairs!
Thank you so much Heidi for showing us true southern hospitality in your home town! :)

Saying bye to daddy at the airport.

Reading Dr. Suess before we took off!

Brie and Blair on their very own row!
We actually all had a row to ourselves going, it was a perfect set up! On every flight we were sure to head straight for the very back of the plane...three babies could equal three melt downs!


Best buddies

This pic has a story. This is late Thursday night after a long day of travel. We went out for wine after the kids were asleep. This large group of really cute, maybe college age, girls all got in front of this fountain to take a pic. They were all dressed in heels and dresses. Then the three of us get up there with milk stains, smashed banana stains and goldfish crumbs on our clothes. We felt and looked like tired mommies. Hey, at least we were out! :)

Friday afternoon we packed a picnic lunch and took the kids swimming, we all had so much fun!

It's close to impossible to get three toddlers to look at a camera at the same time! They sure are cute though!

Three hot mammas ready to hit the town! :)

Precious girls!

Oh yes we did! That is a plate of pure Southern bliss...chicken and waffles. I had never had this combo before but Heidi quickly informed us that we'd be missing out on something divine if we didn't try it! :) Every single bite was eaten!

We couldn't leave MS without a pic in front of our stylish minivan that Heidi drove us around in. We fit three car seats and three adults in it, perfect! Never want to own one though. (No offense to those out there that have one)!! :)

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  1. So funny! My in-laws live in Madison! What is Heidi's maiden name? Justin grew up in Jackson, but maybe he knows her family? Looks like a fun trip!! :)