Friday, October 29, 2010


This afternoon James's law firm had trick or treating for all the attorney's kids. Parker went as a cow because it's the only animal noise he can make right now and I fell in love with his costume when I found it at Target! Of course when asked what a cow says, he would just smile, but don't worry, he mooed all the way home in the car! :)

Getting ready to leave for daddy's office!

Waiting outside the office, not sure what's going on.

Profile shot!

Cute Maddie as a bumble bee!

Jack made a darling lion!

Heidi and I with the boys!

Showing mommy his candy!

This pic cracks me up, something really caught their attention! Not sure what kind of candy they were going after!

This is Bob, James's boss, trying to convince Parker to grab some candy out of the plastic skull! He wasn't too sure about putting his hand in there!

Just for fun... my little pumpkin last year at daddy's office!