Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I love Thanksgiving!  I am so very thankful for the blessings the Lord has given to us.  I love getting together with family and giving thanks, eating a lot, playing games and just relaxing!  Since we rotate holidays, we spent Thanksgiving with the Austin family and had a great time! (Don't you worry, Parker and I got to go to Dallas for the beginning of Thanksgiving week)!!  We had so much fun but I didn't take one picture!  We'll be back for Christmas!

 Thanksgiving day

 Ruben, Olivia, Juliet and baby Benjamin 

 Friday morning at the ranch

We made several attempts to get a Christmas card pic but Parker wasn't interested in smiling.  It amazes me that a whole year has gone by and we did not get ONE good pic of our little family of three.  Either Parker's not looking or smiling, or it's a bad pic of me or James.  Ahhh!

 This child would swing all day if you let him!

 Walking over a cattle guard.

 Geefather and Parker
Our project Friday morning was to go around and fill the deer feeders one last time!

 Let me explain...No, Parker is not muslim (even though Jim nicknamed him Achmed)!  ;)  Being the awesome mother that I am, I forgot my child's jacket at home.  Luckily I packed a fleece but he didn't have a hood.  Ann took her scarf and wrapped it around his head!  I know, I know, I guess I won't be getting the "mother of the year" award!
Parker was less than thrilled with his scarf!

 Tripp and his dog Hank!

 Filler up!

 The guys

My poor, sweet baby!


  1. I personally think that last picture should be your Christmas card photo :).

  2. Fun times!!! I think both those pics of your family are great. We're still trying to get a good pic here as well. Love the scarf wrapped around the cute boy's head...believe me, I've done much worse to win "mom of the year" So thankful for you sweet friend!

  3. Such a fun family Thanksgiving! Love you! Miss you.