Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This post is nothing but randomness, but it's what we've been up to lately!  There is never a dull moment living with a 2 year old!  Ha!  :)

 This is the G rated version...Parker has been waking up with NO diaper on after nap time.  I will spare you all the details, but potty training is in our future, our very near future!

 Our fall afternoons have been gorgeous!  We met some friends at the park to feed the ducks one day.

 This would be "mean Mother Goose".  This goose ruled the pond and wasn't afraid to let you know it!  I purposely threw bread away from her because she was such a bossy little thing!  :)

 Sweet, precious boy!

 Parker and Charlotte sitting on a funky bench!

 Going down a big slide!

 Let me explain...this is Parker's monkey hat from Halloween that he did NOT want to wear the night of.  However, a couple of days later he wanted to wear it out the door to the gym...go figure!

 Time for a visit to Junior!

 "Brushing" Waco's teeth.
This dog is the most patient dog I've ever seen.  She let's him do anything to her!  I think she secretly likes it!  :)

 I shot into the sun but I couldn't resist this darling pic!  These two are inseparable in the backyard!

 Parker loves going to "Honic" aka: Sonic, after MDO on Tuesdays!

 First school pic from MDO!

 In front of Cavenders after getting some new boots!

Jim and Ann are taking us all to the rodeo Friday night and Parker had no boots to wear!  These are little John Deer camo boots...he LOVES them!!

 He looks so grown up wearing his boots.  I wish I could freeze him at this age!  :(  


  1. So, what number haircut is this?? :) Rachel is officially potty trained (praise the Lord after 6 months of trying) - don't worry, it's not supposed to take that long. Have so much fun at the rodeo...we LOVE the rodeo and Parker will too...who looks precious in his boots by the way. OK, I promise I'll call you one of these days instead of communicating through the comments section on your blog! Love and miss you!

  2. Kensington went through the "no diaper after nap" stage. It's maddening! We finally fixed the problem...I thought I was going to lose my mind!