Saturday, April 30, 2011

A boy and his truck

Parker and his dump truck are inseparable!  He takes it everywhere he goes outside!  I even have to put it on top of our jogger to take to the park with's a funny sight I know!  :)  Just for a laugh today, try to picture a bright yellow and black Ironman jogger with a toddler inside, a dump truck on top and a dog leading the way!  

It even makes a nice place to sit for a second!

Every good dump truck is filled with grass and sticks!

Monday, April 25, 2011


I love Easter so much!  I love the week leading up to it and remembering all the events that led up to Sunday morning and the fact that we get to say..."He is risen, He is risen indeed"!!  What a blessing! We went to Dallas on Thursday to spend Easter with my family.  We had so much fun soaking up family time and the warm, humid air!  James and I even scored two date nights because mom and dad were so sweet to keep Parker for us!  I love that time with just my hubby!! Here are some pics from our weekend...
 My baby on Easter Sunday
(after church and already in the dirt)

 An attempt to get these two to smile for a pic!

 Neesie and Grandad and their grandkids!

 The "kid table".  Leah was waiting so patiently for her food as Parker inhaled his plate in front of her!

 Playing outside

 Parker's signature look...a stick in hand.

 Ryan and Carrie and their precious family

 Our little family

 Uncle Ryan and Parker

 Aunt Sissy teaching Parker how to do handstands.

 Parker in my little rocking chair from childhood.

 The beautiful birthday girl!  We had a cookout Saturday night for Lindsey's 26th b-day!

 Lindsey and her boyfriend Trey...isn't he cute??  We love him!

 Parker and Leah got to open their Easter baskets from the grandparents Saturday night!
I didn't get a pic, but they both got these Croc sandals that look like alligators that have eyes and everything, hilarious!  

 Soaking up some time with baby Ty!

 Parker is obsessed with baseball and golf.  He has excellent hand/eye coordination and can hit the ball so far, whether it's on a tee or on the ground!  Future athlete!  :)

 Collecting more sticks!

 Friday we spent the day at our favorite shopping spot, Southlake Town Square.  Grandad kept Parker busy at the fountain!

 Throwing coins in the fountain!

 My love!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A lovely day!

The weather has been so warm lately and we are soaking it up!  In fact, Parker and I had another picnic yesterday!  He loves them as much as I do!

He LOVES it when airplanes fly over!

Just relaxin'

He decided to move his plate from the blanket to the grass.  I guess it's more manly to eat on the grass!

Cutie pie!

Milk does a body good!  :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend fun!

We had such beautiful weather this weekend so of course, we were outside!!  We played at the park, worked in the yard and even had a cookout!  Since Saturday was so gorgeous (minus the wind), we had our sweet friends, Shane, Brie and Blair over for  hamburgers.  There's nothing like the smell of burgers grilling to put in you in the mood for summer!  :)  While the adults had a great time, Blair and Parker had some major fun as well!

These two had a hard time waiting on the food.  They'd play and then stop at the fridge and want to open it!

Being silly in the floor!

They ran around with their push toys all over the house.  Parker was sweating by the time dinner was ready!  They're growing up so fast!  :(