Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend fun!

We had such beautiful weather this weekend so of course, we were outside!!  We played at the park, worked in the yard and even had a cookout!  Since Saturday was so gorgeous (minus the wind), we had our sweet friends, Shane, Brie and Blair over for  hamburgers.  There's nothing like the smell of burgers grilling to put in you in the mood for summer!  :)  While the adults had a great time, Blair and Parker had some major fun as well!

These two had a hard time waiting on the food.  They'd play and then stop at the fridge and want to open it!

Being silly in the floor!

They ran around with their push toys all over the house.  Parker was sweating by the time dinner was ready!  They're growing up so fast!  :(

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  1. I know Brie and Blair! Brie and I have volunteered in the nursery at church together and I get the privilege of keeping Blair in the nursery while they are in church, she is a doll and one of my favorites!