Monday, January 16, 2012

A bit of randomness

So far, January has been a slow, get back in the routine of things, kind of month.  If you know me well, you know I do NOT like cold weather so I'm just hibernating until it turns warm again.  I crave warm weather and the outdoors, I need it!!  :)
Believe it or not, Amarillo has had some warm days recently but the wind blows like nobody's business so we can't get outdoors to enjoy it.  (think sky turning brown bad, I'm not just talking about a little breeze).  Oh well, no complaints, summer is coming right?!  We are finding plenty to do inside!  ;)

 Hiding in the tunnel at church!

 My big helper!

 Waco started smelling bad so it was time to give her a bath.  I despise giving her a bath indoors because it's just gross, but she sure enjoyed the warm water and the towel dry!  :)
( I think I spent the next 15 minutes after this bleaching the bathtub, ha!)

Handsome little stud
Thanks Aunt Lindsey for such a cute outfit!!

 Playing with one of his favorite toys from Christmas...he seems to have a "handy man" gene in him somewhere!

 Parker's favorite thing of all is helping daddy in the yard.  He got some yard tools for Christmas so now he can keep up!

My two cute yard men, love them!!
James is such a good landscaper and does a wonderful job with our yard, I'm thankful he's passing that onto Parker!  I always appreciate the way the front of our house looks, especially in the Spring/Summer.

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