Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Discovery Center fun!

This morning we met some friends and their boys at the Discovery Center to play!  Parker hasn't been since the disastrous dinosaur visit where he cried and wanted nothing to do with the dinos.  Enough time has gone by and I think he has no memory because when we arrived, he was super excited to play!  Parker was in luck, they had a sports exhibit going on where there were balls EVERYWHERE!  After two hours, I had to peel the child away and make him go home to eat lunch!  Needless to say, we had a great time!

 When we first walked in they had a "birds of prey" exhibit.  Parker thought this owl was pretty awesome!

 Building with the big blocks!

 Fun with shapes

 The mirror tunnel!  How many Parkers can you count?  :)

Parker's buddy, Clay, wasn't too sure about entering a tunnel where he could see himself all over the place!  :)

 This huge magnetic board lets kids move the connective pieces around to create an "obstacle course" for the balls to roll down.  He loved it!

 Sand dune display

 This was the best!  Inside this tunnel, there was a radar gun that clocked how fast you could pitch.  Parker stood here forever practicing his pitching!

 And of course he found the basket ball hoop!  Whether he is at home, at the gym, in the bathtub, he tells me..."mommy, Parker shoot hoops"!  The child has a NEED to shoot hoops on a daily basis! 

The was cool, a huge funnel to roll balls down.  Parker kept saying "go round and round".

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